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Your Guide for the Best 4th of July Sparklers

4th of July Sparklers Spelling Out

What represents the 4th of July better than lighting up the sky with sparklers? This tradition makes the fun of fireworks easy for all ages. Do you remember the fascination you felt when you were little and got to write your name with those beautiful sparklers? Now you can continue this tradition with smokeless sparklers that are family friendly. Here is your guide for the best sparklers for this day of July.

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What You Should Know About the 4th of July

While fireworks have a history that dates far before the first 4th of July celebration, it has become a tradition to light up the sky on this historic day. Although the reason behind the celebration has its varied opinions and the date comes in question from time to time, one constant in all of the arguments is that it must be celebrated with fireworks.

A Brief History on Sparklers and the 4th of July

The first sparklers are said to have been invented over 1300 years ago as a handheld firework. This has, in turn, evolved into the sparklers we know and love today. These sparklers have become a tradition in many different celebrations like using sparklers for weddings, New Years, and most notably on this day of July.

This simple stick that allows the holder to light up the night and seemingly write in the dark has become the norm for children who want to feel they are a part of the festivities — making 4th of July sparklers one of the most sought-after fireworks each year.

4th of July sparkler and flag

How to Party with Sparklers

Partying with sparklers is becoming more fun and can make for amazing family photos. Especially true with smokeless sparklers that emit small amounts of smoke, meaning that you can enjoy the view and get clearer pictures of your family celebration.

With a wide variety of sizes including 10-inch sparkler, 20-inch sparklers, and 36-inch sparklers, you are sure to be able to find the right fit for your 4th of July celebration. You can also get them in time for your 4th of July party with UPS delivery. Ensuring that your 4th of July sparklers are there to light up your family festivities.

july sparklers party

Create Spectacular Photos

Using sparklers to write messages or create shapes in the air is a great activity and makes for impressive photos. Unfortunately, cheap sparklers cause far too much smoke to see the writing after the smoke dissipates. When you are looking for a sparkler product that will not create as much smoke so you can get that awesome photo during your family with July celebration, Sparklers Online has all of the products you need.

4th of July Sparkler Collage

Check out our sparkler pictures for inspiration!

With our smokeless sparklers, only a small amount of smoke is emitted, so you can rest assured that you will be able to get those fantastic photos—clear pictures of your family and friends without the haze of smoke from other sparklers brands. When you need sparklers, we have the options and products you are looking for at a price you can afford.

Top Sparkler Safety Tips

Though sparklers are the go-to for children on this day of July, it is important that you adhere to safety guidelines. These tips include not using sparklers indoors and always follow the recommendations on the labels. 

The smallest sparkler size that we offer would be our 10-inch sparklers. However, there is less risk of injury when using a longer sparkler. Choose from either our 20-inch sparklers or our 36-inch sparklers if you want to feel even more comfortable allowing your children to use sparklers during your holiday celebration.

2 guys holding lit sparklers at night

While it is fun for children to participate, they should always have adult supervision and should have a set of rules while enjoying this fun. So Make sure they know not to touch the metal end of their sparklers and to always point them away from themselves and others.

Choose Sparklers to Celebrate the 4th!

Now it is the time to make your own sparkler history and memories that will last a lifetime. Start a tradition with your family or continue the one you already observe. Keeping with tradition, you can write your memories in light with July sparklers. 

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Q: What are 4th of July sparklers?

A: 4th of July sparklers are handheld fireworks that emit colorful sparks when lit. They are a popular way to celebrate Independence Day in the United States.

Q: Are 4th of July sparklers safe?

A: When used responsibly, 4th of July sparklers are generally safe. However, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions, such as keeping them away from flammable materials and never allowing young children to handle them.

Q: Can 4th of July sparklers be used indoors?

A: No, 4th of July sparklers should never be used indoors as they can pose a fire hazard.

Q: Do I need a permit to use 4th of July sparklers?

A: Laws regarding the use of fireworks vary by state and even by city, so it’s important to check local regulations. In some places, a permit may be required to use 4th of July sparklers legally.

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