Writing with sparklers

The Magic of Writing with Wedding Sparklers

How to Write With Sparklers

We ran across a cute blog the other day –  and it got us thinking – maybe people use sparklers for things other than weddings. OK, we know this is true, but seeing a bunch of college prepsters spelling out sorority names made us laugh!  I particularly am fond of the one with the crown. See for yourself.  There are all kinds of things people do with wedding sparklers instead of using them at weddings!

This blog consists of a cute girl, her dad (who has a lifelong dream of writing with sparklers) and a bunch of friends!  The College Prepster – TCP – you will love this blog and the cute daily posts.  She suggests using safety sparklers which is really  36 inch sparklers or 20 inch sparklers.  They have long handles so you will not have to worry.

Wedding Sparkler-Writing with wedding sparklers

There are so many cute ways people write for their weddings.  Some people spell out their new last name with sparklers, others write out their wedding date.  One of my favorites is this vintage looking photo where everyone draws a heart with the sparklers. People call me often asking what size sparklers to use for this purpose.  Because the 20 inch sparklers last 2 minutes and the 36 inch sparklers last for 4 minutes, they are the best ones to use for this purpose.  It might take a few tries to get it just right…be patient and the wedding sparklers will do the rest!

JLB Wedding Photography
JLB Wedding Photography


What are wedding sparklers?

Wedding sparklers are long, thin, and handheld fireworks that emit a shower of sparks when lit. They are commonly used in weddings for celebratory purposes, such as during the grand exit or as part of a sparkler photo shoot.

How do you write with wedding sparklers?

Writing with wedding sparklers is a fun and creative way to celebrate your special day. To do this, simply light the sparkler and write your desired message in the air. You can use long-exposure photography to capture the message on camera.

What kind of sparklers are best for writing?

The best sparklers for writing are those that burn slowly and produce a bright, consistent glow. Look for sparklers that are at least 20 inches in length, and avoid those that are labeled as “smokeless” or “quiet” as they may not produce the desired effect.

How long do sparklers last when lit?

Each sparkler burns for about 2 minutes giving the bride and groom time to walk through and a few pictures

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