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When to Buy Wedding Sparklers

Fireworks and Sparklers Stock

Fireworks and Sparklers Stock

When to buy wedding sparklers – Everyone wants their wedding to be special and unforgettable. This means you may be looking for different ways to brighten up your big day and festive wedding favors. Well, we have a fantastic suggestion; wedding sparklers! They’re becoming a popular addition to the celebrations, adding color, creativity and a fun twist. Don’t know much about them? We’re going to tell you all about them and when the best time is to purchase your fun wedding sparklers.

Why Buy Wedding Sparklers?

when to buy wedding sparklers

So, what is so special about wedding sparklers? Well, we love the color and excitement they bring to your special moments! You can make a fantastic and glamorous entrance or exist from your ceremony holding cool sparklers. You can also make it a fun experience for everyone by giving your guests sparklers so they can join in too. In addition, brides and grooms love the effects of wedding photographs. Just make sure that you check that everything is fine to use wedding sparklers with the venue ahead of time for your winter destination wedding. If you are having your wedding in the winter, it gets dark earlier. Wedding sparklers are going to light up the night!

In particular, brides and grooms love the 36-inch wedding sparklers for their special day. You can enjoy the effects for around four minutes, which is plenty of time to grab photos and have some fun with them. Other sparklers are easier to light from another one so everyone can join in and have an exciting time together.

A lot of people worry that sparklers aren’t safe to have around their wedding or even near their dress. But if you are careful and follow all of the instructions, they are perfectly safe for your wedding. They’re suitable for outdoor use only and they should be kept away from your body. When you use them sensibly, they’re illuminating, exciting and can really make your day special.

When Should I Buy My Wedding Sparklers?

Before we consider when you should buy sparklers, it’s important to think about where you’re purchasing them from. You want to choose a trustworthy online sparkler company for your outdoor winter wedding. The last thing you want is to be worrying about safety and your guests. But don’t panic; you don’t have to spend a fortune either. At Sparklers Online, we’ve had 16 years of experience in the sparkler business and have worked in top venues around the country.

You can depend on us for your special day. We ensure the highest quality products for your big day and offer a 100 percent guarantee so that you’re always happy. We also make sure our prices are affordable so your outdoor winter wedding can be the best day of your life!

Of course, you’ll be planning your special day months in advance and will be looking for your winter wedding ideas early. So, when should you buy the wedding sparklers? Well, most of them will last a long time and this means that you can purchase them ahead of your wedding. They can last for years. Think of them as having a long shelf life. Normally, we would recommend ordering the sparklers you want a few months in advance.

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This will make sure that everything is in stock and you can make sure you get the ones you want for your big day. You also want to ensure they arrive in time. Just make sure that you have appropriate storage for them so they’re all ready for your wedding. Your sparklers are going to stay in excellent condition if you have somewhere cool and dry to store them properly. Getting them wet will destroy them over time; you’ve got to keep them dry to ensure they’ll be effective on your wedding day.

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Testing and Preparation

Testing and Preparation of firework

To ensure a flawless and enchanting sparkler exit or grand exit at your wedding, follow these key steps:

a. Conducting Sparkler Test Runs: Test a few sparklers beforehand to understand their burn time, brightness, and safety considerations.

b. Familiarizing Wedding Party Members: Instruct the wedding party on proper sparkler handling and lighting techniques.

c. Rehearsing Sparkler Exit: Practice the sparkler exit with the wedding party to coordinate the timing and create a smooth procession.

d. Coordinating with the Wedding Planner or Venue: Discuss the sparkler exit details with your wedding planner or venue coordinator to ensure proper logistics and safety measures.

Thorough testing and preparation will ensure a magical and memorable sparkler moment on your special day.

Last-Minute Adjustments

Before your wedding sparkler exit or grand exit, consider these last-minute adjustments to ensure a smooth event:

a. Assessing Guest RSVPs: Determine the number of sparklers needed based on the confirmed guest count.

b. Adjusting Sparkler Quantities: Order additional sparklers if there are more guests than expected, or adjust the order to avoid leftovers.

c. Updating the Wedding Coordinator: Communicate changes to the coordinator to ensure a well-coordinated sparkler exit.

Ensuring Sparkler Safety

To ensure a safe wedding celebration, follow these essential sparkler safety measures:

a. Educating Guests on Safety Guidelines: Provide clear instructions on sparkler usage through cute signs or wedding programs.

b. Providing Fireproof Containers or Buckets: Set up metal buckets or containers filled with sand or water for safe disposal of used sparklers.

c. Designating Safe Sparkler Zones: Choose an appropriate space, adhering to regulations and venue layout, ensuring ample room for guests.

d. Using the Highest Quality Wedding Sparklers: Purchase sparklers from reputable vendors with steel wire cores for longer burn times and minimal smoke.

e. Lighting Sparklers Safely: Provide lighters or matches at designated stations for guests to safely ignite their sparklers.

f. Hiring a Professional Photographer: Book an experienced photographer who can capture stunning photos while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Remember, prioritizing safety will make your sparkler exit a memorable and accident-free moment on your special day.


when it comes to wedding sparklers, timing is everything. From incorporating them into your wedding decor and creating magical moments during the wedding reception to the grand sparkler send-off, there are many opportunities to add a special sparkle to your wedding day. By considering factors such as burn time, size, and quality, and by giving yourself ample time to order and plan, you can ensure you have everything you need for the perfect touch of sparkle. Whether you opt for 20-inch sparklers or shorter ones, remember to double-check legal restrictions and safety guidelines. With the right sparklers, you can make your wedding day truly unforgettable and capture stunning photos that will last a lifetime.


Q: When should I buy wedding sparklers?

A: Wedding sparklers should be purchased a few weeks before your wedding date to ensure they arrive at the right time. If you’re wedding planning to use them during your reception, make sure to confirm with your wedding venue that sparklers are allowed and that they have the proper permits and safety protocols in place

Q: How long should wedding sparklers be?

A: Wedding sparklers come in different lengths, but the most common size for wedding sparklers is 36 inches. This size allows for a longer burn time, making them ideal for capturing stunning photographs and creating a memorable send-off.

Q: How many wedding sparklers should I buy?

A: The number of wedding sparklers you’ll need depends on the size of your wedding and the number of wedding guests attending. As a general rule, plan for one sparkler per guest, plus a few extra in case of accidents or misfires.

Q: How should I store wedding sparklers?

A: Wedding sparklers should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. They should be kept in their original packaging until ready to use.

Q: How do I light wedding sparklers?

A: Wedding sparklers should be lit using a lighter or long-tipped match. Hold the sparkler away from your body and light the tip. Once it’s lit, hold it up high and wave it around for a festive effect.

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