Wedding Sparklers in Southwest Commercial

Wedding Sparklers in Southwest Commercial

Southwest Airlines & Sparklers Online

Finding out a national brand that wants to use Wedding Sparklers in Southwest Commercial is always exciting. However, when a Production Assistant calls and says they need the sparklers the following morning, it can be challenging. We always aim to avoid last-minute requests as the sparklers have to be shipped via UPS Ground. Despite this, we’re always ready to help make any commercial shoot a success with our high-quality Wedding Sparklers in Southwest Commercial.

With Southwest Airlines, the advertising agency called us with plenty of time for shipping. Thank you, Southwest! They had a vision and knew a wedding sparkler exit was going to be a scene. We never know how the sparklers are going to be used and if they will be used.

wedding sparkler exit

Our wedding sparklers are used in different ways and for this commercial, they used our 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers. This Southwest commercial was meant to be funny and show a humorous side of a girl on the “wedding circuit” – brides…you know what we mean.

The scene towards the end is of the wedding sparkler send-off and it is perfect! Watch the video below and we will guarantee a smile on your face.

Sparklers, What’s Not To Love

It is fun to think of a simple idea created by – 16 years ago is a trend portrayed in a wedding. At the inception of our business, we faced the challenge of acquainting people with the concept of a wedding sparkler send-off, which was previously unknown to them. Now it is a trend in weddings around the world.

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Wedding Sparklers in Southwest Commercial

Using sparklers for weddings is an amazing and affordable trend that many brides consider every year. Sparklers are a popular addition not only for weddings and a sparklers exit but are also used for engagement parties, celebratory photos, and in many more creative and fun ways.

We will continue to share some of the exciting ways in which sparklers have been used in commercials and movies you probably have seen.

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Q1: Where can I purchase wedding sparklers for my upcoming wedding?

A1: You can purchase wedding sparklers for your upcoming wedding from various online retailers that specialize in event planning and wedding supplies. One reputable option is Southwest Commercial, which offers a wide variety of sparklers and other items to make your wedding day a perfect ending. They provide fast delivery and have verified buyer reviews to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Q2: How long do wedding sparklers typically burn for?

A2: Wedding sparklers, such as those with a steel wire core, are designed to burn longer than regular sparklers. On average, they can burn for about two minutes, allowing you ample time to create a grand wedding exit or capture stunning photos. This duration is ideal for positioning the sparklers and ensuring that your guests, including children, have enough time to participate in this memorable tradition.

Q3: Are wedding sparklers smokeless?

A3: Yes, wedding sparklers that are specifically marketed as smokeless produce minimal smoke when lit. This is especially important during a grand wedding exit or when used indoors during the reception. Smokeless sparklers help maintain a clear and beautiful photo opportunity, ensuring that the focus remains on you and your loved ones without any unwanted smoke distractions.

Q4: Can I use wedding sparklers in my city or county?

A4: The use of wedding sparklers may vary depending on your city or county regulations. Before incorporating sparklers into your wedding day, it is essential to check with your local municipality or governing body to understand any specific laws or permits required. This ensures that you can enjoy this tradition safely and without any legal concerns.

Q5: What are the benefits of purchasing wedding sparklers in bulk?

A5: Purchasing wedding sparklers in bulk offers several advantages. First, it often provides cost savings compared to buying individual packs. Second, buying in bulk ensures that you have enough sparklers to accommodate all your guests, ensuring everyone can participate in the grand wedding exit. Finally, buying in bulk allows for easy storage and convenient access to sparklers for other events or celebrations in the future, making it a practical and economical choice.

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