Wedding Sparklers Ideas

10 Amazing Wedding Sparklers Ideas for Your Next Event

Wedding Night Sparklers Send-Off - Wedding Sparklers Ideas

Do you now want wedding sparklers but aren’t sure how to include them?

For the last 20 years, we’ve helped newlyweds have the best wedding send-offs and wedding photography possible with sparklers.

So, in this article, we’ll go over 10 awesome Wedding Sparklers ideas for reception or send-off with sparklers.

Let’s get right into it, here’s my reference guide for every way to include sparklers from your engagement to your wedding.

1. Obviously… The Famous Wedding Sparkler Sendoff / Wedding Sparkler Exit

Wedding Couples Walk Off Between People Holding Sparklers

Simple. This is why we started our business. Have each guest hold one of our long wedding sparklers and have the moment you have seen captured all over the internet.

There is a reason so many couples use sparklers on their wedding day – the photos are amazing. Wedding day sparklers for a send-off are absolutely stunning!

Order one sparkler per guest. Give each guest one of the 20-inch wedding sparklers or 36-inch wedding sparklers when ready.

Have the groomsmen spread out and help light the sparklers (they don’t do anything anyway), form your guests into two lines and the bride and groom can run through the sparklers for their wedding sendoff.

Our 20-inch sparklers last for 2.5 minutes and our 36 inch lasts for 4 minutes. We believe the 20 inch is better suited for weddings of under 100 people.

The 36-inch work for larger groups as they provide extra time for lighting and arranging the guests.

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee (a full refund for ANY reason – even if each of the wedding day sparklers has all been used), free shipping on all orders, and a superbly high-quality product.

It’s WORTH the extra few dollars to order from someone trusted.

2. Surround Yourself with Wedding Sparklers for Your First Dance

Couples Dancing During Their Wedding Night Sparklers Send-Off

I did not think of this one myself. Years ago a bride sent me a photo of her guests lining the dance floor with the 36-inch wedding sparklers for their first dance (these last for 4 minutes).

3. Kick Off the Celebrations at Your Engagement Party

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Some couples know their reception venue will not allow a wedding sparklers exit. Instead, get a fun photo with the wedding couple in front, the friends and family celebrating them in a semi-circle behind them.

This photo is best achieved from a balcony.

4. Use Sparklers for an Incredible Wedding Ceremony Moment

Kissing Couple with Lit Wedding Sparklers for Send Off
36-inch wedding sparklers used in wedding send-offs for newlywed couples.

Give each guest a wedding sparkler while they are seated for the ceremony. Have a lighter at the end of the row.

When the couple is pronounced married, everyone stands and lights their sparkler.

Our 10-inch wedding sparklers work best for this and the ceremony must be outside.

5. Sparklers Send-Off from the Wedding Ceremony

Sparklers lit during the wedding night send-off

Have the wedding couple walk out of the ceremony and go to a holding room. Then the wedding guests will exit for a wedding sparkler send-off outside of the church (or wedding venue).

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Many people ask me about using day sparklers – sparklers when it is still light outside – but it really provides a beautiful effect for send-offs.

6. Have Your Moment While Being Introduced as a Couple

Megan Mclean Harris Bride Brandon Joseph Brunios
Wedding November 26.2016

In the South, we do not introduce the wedding party (and I love this tradition).

To incorporate wedding sparklers for a wedding introduction, it is fun to give each wedding party member a lit sparkler to run in the reception venue as their name is called.

7. Sparklers can go on the Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Sparklers

If you cannot have wedding day sparklers in the traditional sense, you can always add wedding sparklers to your cake.

Using the small and lightweight 10-inch smokeless sparklers is best. if you want to use long sparklers, you will need to include Styrofoam in the base of the cake when you order.

8. Engagement Photos will Wow Sparklers

Photographers really love to capture romantic photos with our wedding sparklers. Sometimes it is just a single sparkler being held by both members of the couple.

Please know we have free shipping and customer satisfaction guarantees.

Many photographers will order a stock of wedding sparklers on hand for these special photos.

9. Capture Interesting Photos with Sparklers

I am blown away by the creativity of photography. We don’t just offer sparklers for sale for a wedding exit as I imagined 20 years ago when I thought of this idea.

We have photographers use a slow shutter speed to spell words in the air like “love”, “July 4th”, the wedding date, the couple’s initials, etc.


10. Give Wedding Sparklers as Favors

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Wedding sparklers bundled with a ribbon and a cute tag are a fun wedding favor idea. Free shipping (ground shipping) on all of our orders helps cut down on extra costs.

When it does not work to do a wedding sendoff with wedding sparklers, this is a great idea.

Wedding sparklers as an idea is here to stay and is only growing in popularity and creativity.

Sparklers can be used during the day, sparklers can be used during the night.

We would love to enhance your wedding celebration with wedding day sparklers for a first dance, wedding favors, or for a traditional wedding sendoff (our favorite).


Q: What are some creative ways to use wedding sparklers?

A: There are many creative ways to use wedding sparklers! Some popular ideas include a grand exit for the bride and groom, using sparklers as part of your wedding photoshoot, creating a sparkler archway for the couple to walk through, and using sparklers as table centerpieces.

Q: How do I dispose of wedding sparklers?

A: Wedding sparklers should be disposed of properly to avoid any fire hazards. Once the sparkler has burned out, place it in a bucket of water to fully extinguish it. Once all of the sparklers have been used, dispose of the bucket of water and sparklers in a safe manner.

Q: How many wedding sparklers do I need for my event?

A: The number of wedding sparklers you need will depend on the size of your event and how you plan to use them. For a grand exit, plan on one sparkler per guest. For other uses, such as table centerpieces, you can estimate one sparkler per table.

Q: How long do wedding sparklers typically last?

A: Wedding sparklers can vary in burn time, but most last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. It is important to check the burn time before purchasing sparklers to ensure they will last long enough for your desired use.

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