The Ultimate Guide to Sparklers for Weddings

Wedding sparklers are a great way to add a bit of extra glimmer to your momentous day. Created with a steel wire core, these sparkly festive party favors are smokeless and don’t leave behind a messy ash residue making them the perfect addition to a pristine wedding. Sparklers used for weddings are also specially designed and double-dipped to burn long and bright as they enhance your first kiss as husband and wife, your first dance wed to your forever love, or your send-off united as one. Weddings can be lovely, joyous, memorable occasions, but they can also come at quite a hefty price. Buying sparklers for weddings is more than just another cost. Instead, you’re investing in moments capitalized by that added shine to amplify a lasting memory, taking a classic occurrence and turning it into something glorious. Your wedding photos, destined to grace the walls of your shared home for many love-filled years to come, will look like something out of a fairytale with all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood saga romance. Not only is it money well spent, but when you decide to fulfill your wedding day sparkler purchase from us, we go the extra mile to show our appreciation and extend our well-wishes on your magical matrimonial day. We strive to give you all the pomp you deserve for each dollar well-spent. Our seemingly plain and simple packaging is specially designed to keep your merchandise safe (i.e., arriving to you in one piece and fully functioning as intended) during the shipping process, which we are happy to cover at no added charge to you. This is your day—make it sparkle! Enjoy our Ultimate Guide to Sparklers for Weddings!
Thank you for visiting our website! I hope you will find this guide to sparklers for weddings. useful. It is filled with every bit of information I can possibly think of – every question I have been asked over the last 15 years to help you decide if sparklers are right for you. But that is an easy answer – of course, they are!
Where else can you spend less than $100 (or more if you want, of course) and have the most impactful addition to your perfect wedding – the one moment your friends will remember. I also assure you that these will be the best photos you have ever seen!
You are on this page because you are engaged, dreaming of getting engaged, or are the parent or friend of someone who is engaged. There are so many details to plan for the wedding day and I know the process can seem daunting.
Please allow me to be here to answer every possible question about sparklers and relieve the anxiety you might have about deciding what to do for your exit or sendoff as they are often called. This is supposed to be fun, so let’s take some time together and get you excited about the prospect of using sparklers for your wedding.

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How to use Wedding Sparklers for your Big Day

There are many different ways to incorporate wedding sparklers as a part of the festivities on your big day. Our thin, long-stemmed, glowing torches can be used to light your path as your guests send you off on your way as a newlywed couple. You can also use the shimmering sticks to enhance a picture-perfect photo op or bring some shine to a wedding reel. Whether it’s decided that your wedding sparklers add some background glitter or front-and-center glam, they’re the ideal addition (in all the ways you can conjure) to your fabulous day.

Wedding Sparkler Send-Offs & Exits

Take your time leaving your venue because our 20- or 36-inch wedding send-off sparklers can light your way for up to four minutes. Have your friends and family create a tunnel of light to see you out into the world as a married duo. Share a kiss under the illuminated brilliance for a treasurable photo op. Our wedding exit sparklers are a great way to end a stimulating, vivacious and joyous day with just enough grandeur to make you feel like a prince and princess deserving of a royal send-off.

Wedding Videos

If you want to see your sparkling wedding additions in action, you can capture their lighted magnificence on video for a shimmering experience that never ends. The size and splendor of these large, awe-inducing sparkling matchsticks are viewable in real-time as they highlight a monumental event worth remembering. Oftentimes, you need to see it to believe it, and now you can, over and over again, reliving the magical spark-infused occasion for the duration of your wedded bliss.

Memorable Sparkler Photos

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Boost the language spoken by your photos by using wedding sparklers to capture that loving twinkle in your eye for a shine frozen in time. Or, write your own words using a wedding sparkler to convey a glistening message inspired by your wedding day emotions. Keep the energy going with some fun bridal party pics ready to dazzle and charm your friends, family and online social circles. Frame them and use these gleaming gems as “thank you” gifts to those who helped you plan and live out your happy day.

Decorations & Wedding Favors

Bundle your wedding sparklers and adorn them with satiny ribbons or twine to match your wedding theme before guests use them to bring some oomph to your celebration. You can stagger them throughout long-stemmed flower arrangements or have them stashed in a vase at the guestbook table or by an entrance or exit where they’re meant to be used. If you decide to display the scintillating “fire wands” in your centerpieces, be sure to provide cards with instructions on how and when to use them.

For the Ceremony

Fascinate your guests with a processional entrance that truly sparkles and delights. Consider a sparkler girl rather than a flower girl and continue the trend with each bridesmaid and groomsman as they make their way down the aisle holding a lighted wand. Keep the merriment going and let the sparks fly as the bride makes her entrance or as you say, “I do!” accompanying your first kiss as husband and wife by a bit of radiant gusto and another cherished photo op. The possibilities are endless to make your most meaningful moments that much more brilliant and bewitching.

What is a Wedding Sparkler and Why Should You Buy Wedding Sparklers Instead of Regular Sparklers?

There are several differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers that make it worth your while (and the expense!) to go with the designated wedding ones for your special day. Differences between the two that make wedding sparklers your go-to for including:


Traditional sparklers are just about 8- to 10-inches long, while wedding sparklers are often 20- or 36-inches long. The longer length allows for a longer burn time, with a regular sparkler fizzling out in about 20 seconds and a wedding sparkler last a good two to four minutes.


Wedding sparklers are easy to find in the coveted gold color popular for the elegant celebrations of love. Gold sparkler stems are a safe choice to compliment the golden bright hues that emanate from the glittering sticks. Regular sparklers are found in red, green, and blue, but these colors can throw off the ambiance that traditionally belongs to a wedding and skew the color schemes of your photos.


Heart-shaped wedding sparklers differ from the traditional straight-stalked sparklers and can add a splash of romance and fun to your ceremony or reception centerpieces. They burn for approximately two minutes and are the perfect way to symbolize you’re tying the knot while spreading some love to your guests. If you’re looking for a heartfelt (i.e., heart-shaped) addition to your wedding day, this is one way to go to make that sentimental, unique, affection-filled gesture.


The packaging of your wedding sparklers may or may not be an issue, but it’s a good indicator of the type of sparklers you’re buying. Additionally, if you plan on keeping your sparklers inside the packaging until it’s time to pass them out to your guests, you don’t want the visual aesthetic to contrast with your wedding décor.

Smoke Emissions

Wedding sparklers should emit little to no smoke if you’re thinking about your guests’ comfort and hoping to catch the perfect (clear) photographic moment. Wedding sparklers and regular sparklers have different chemical compositions. Additionally, avoid buying wood sparklers and instead opt for the steel wire sparklers for minimal smoke.

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Why Choose Our Sparklers for Your Wedding

There are several differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers that make it worth your while (and the expense!) to go with the designated wedding ones for your special day. Differences between the two that make wedding sparklers your go-to for including:

You can choose where to buy your wedding sparklers, but not all your options will yield the same results. Also, not all retailers carry fireworks year-round. At Sparklers Online, we are all about the spark, and we can meet your sparkler needs 365 days a year.

When deciding who to buy your wedding sparklers from, keep in mind that not all sparklers are made the same. Firework tents are often a go-to for consumer sparkler needs, but most tents offer leftover stock, meaning the product might already be many years old. Also, summer storms bringing windswept rain can cause raindrops to soak through the cardboard packaging exposing sparklers to the elements. You might not be aware of the physical condition of the product after it dries. The savings isn’t worth the risk of defective sparklers on your wedding day.

Big-box retailers, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Party City, sometimes sell sparklers, too, but these sparklers generally aren’t the kind you see and fall in love with via a captivating photo in a bridal magazine. The ones sold in stores are often shorter, meaning less burn time. If you purchase them around the 4th of July, you might be getting an assortment pack. Additionally, sparklers that come alongside other fire flares are often not specially designed to support your overall needs for a wedding’s elegance.

This is your wedding day, not a backyard bar-be-que. You want to know what you’re getting. We sell sparklers—that’s our entire business. We are proud of our product, and we guarantee you will be, too. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose our sparklers over all the rest to celebrate the start of your matrimonial bliss:

  • Superior quality
  • Daily shipping
  • Immediate attention to issues
  • Secure transactions
  • Reputation
  • 100% guarantee
  • Female-owned
  • Ease of ordering
  • Inventory
  • We are real

How to Plan for Sparklers at Your Wedding Reception or Ceremony

Making wedding sparklers a part of your big day takes some planning to pull it off without a hitch. As with every other perfectly prepped detail of your matrimonial celebration, you want to ensure you have everything you need to dazzle your guests with a brilliant display of precisely designed sparkle. Don’t let the moment sizzle out due to poor planning. Instead, prepare to shine!

How Long Do Wedding Sparklers Last?

Wedding sparklers last for more than 10 years, so there’s no rush to light up those sparkly canes any time soon. They work just as well after three years as they do after three months, so no need to concern yourself with a decline in quality over time if you choose to order ahead. Also, the leftovers are great mementos to keep for your first New Years’ celebration as husband and wife, or even to commemorate your one- and five-year anniversaries, reveling in your continuing love and commitment to one another.
You might also consider letting your guests take any extras home with them, but keep in mind, if they traveled to you by plane, they’re not passing through airport security with a fire-flaring pole on hand. Those who road-tripped to your venue or live nearby may want to hang onto one or two for their next 4th of July party.

What Size Wedding Sparklers Do You Need?

The size of your wedding sparklers really comes down to personal preference. Always check with your venue ahead of time because some locations might have size requirements due to code issues. Budget is another factor to consider as well as burn time and how you plan to display or use the glittering poles at your ceremony or reception.
If you have to light 200 or more fiery wands for a send-off, you need sparklers that won’t burn out before you can realistically get them all lit. Our 36-inch wedding sparklers burn for four minutes, allowing more than enough time to avoid feeling rushed or leaving people out of the gleaming demonstration.
The 20-inch wedding sparklers are probably more realistic for guests numbering 100 or less. Plus, they’re not too small but not too large and fit in nicely with most budgets, considering wedding costs can quickly add up, and we hope to keep things as stress-free as possible for you.

How Many Sparklers Do You Need?

The number of sparklers you order is completely up to you. There’s no general rule about how many wedding sparklers you need to have. Some people are content with ordering one sparkler per guest. Others like to reduce the number by 50, so if you have 200 guests, you need to order 150 sparklers. Doing so might eliminate leftovers if some of your guests decide to leave before your send-off. If you’re using them as part of the ceremony or during your first dance, you might want to stick to one per guest.
When ordering the 10-inch wedding sparklers, it’s best to order more than needed since people tend to burn through them more quickly.

How Many Packages of Sparklers Do You Need?

Our 20- and 36-inch sparklers come four to a box. Each individual box is shrink-wrapped and bundled with six individual boxes. With each order, you receive two shrink-wrapped packages. The math adds up as follows:

  • 4 x 6 individual boxes = 24 shrink-wrapped sparklers
  • 2 shrink-wrapped packaged per box = 48 total sparklers in an order

Our 10-inch wedding sparklers come six to an individual box and 12 boxes per shrink-wrapped package. Each order then bundles four shrink-wrapped packages. The math adds up as follows:

  • 6 x 12 individual boxes = 72 shrink-wrapped sparklers
  • 4 shrink-wrapped packages per box = 288 total sparklers in an order

When Should You Buy Your Sparklers For Your Wedding?

You can order your wedding sparklers as soon as possible because they have a lengthy shelf life. Also, we cannot overnight your sparklers because we are restricted from shipping combustible products via air. We do ship daily, though, from Tennessee, as long as you get your order in by 3 pm. If you enter your zip code on our delivery time estimator, we can let you know when you should expect your order to know if they’ll arrive on time.
We offer free shipping to all our customers in the US. We also ship to Canada, but please note, you will be responsible for the duty and tax fees.

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How Do You Light the Sparklers During Your Wedding?

Light one and then pass the sparkle. One sparkler can easily light another. Sharing the glow is the most convenient way to light up wedding sparklers in bulk at one time. Using a match can take almost eight seconds to start a flare. If you’re looking for a flash flood of lighted brilliance rather than a slow-moving wave, you need to spread the spark as quickly as possible.
It’s wise to give your sparklers a try before your wedding day to correct any issues that might interfere with your glitz-inspired plans. We guarantee our product and are happy to send replacements when needed if any unanticipated defects happened on our end. If something seems not right, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

How Do You Capture a Picture-Perfect Photograph of the Sparklers at Your Wedding?

A Married couple tries to avoid doing the sparklers' people

If you don’t have the right equipment, make sure you have ideal lighting. Be ready to stage the photo a bit, rather than just moving through the motions. Also, when editing, if you can’t get the shot the way you want it, try out the sparklers effect in Photoshop.
If using your iPhone, consider using the Slow Shutter Cam app. It allows you to set the shutter speed to catch the rapidly moving sparks. It’s also a good idea to use a lens cleaner prior to attempting your momentous photograph to ensure you get the clearest shot.
These photographer sites can help you plan your perfect picturesque wedding sparkler shot:

Here are some more in-depth tips for capturing that perfect sparkers-infused wedding photo that’s likely to be shared, framed, remembered, and adored for many years to come:

Writing with Wedding Sparklers

Capturing your thoughts and feelings in illuminated writing is a magical way to jazz up your wedding photos. There is no such giant sparkler that burns in the shape of a letter. Since sparklers burn like a fuse, you could never get a full letter- or word-shaped sparkler to burn bright all at once. But there is a way to create the fun effect on your own using our classic straight-stemmed wedding sparklers.
Do the following to capture a bit of sparkle in writing:

Photographing Sparklers

Here are three tips for photographing sparklers like a professional:

  • Be prepared. When attempting to capture the exit like an expert, consider your camera gear, level of photographic experience, and timeline. You’ll want a camera with low-light capabilities or adequate lighting. You can get some test shots pre-event with some cheap sparklers from the dollar store. Brainstorm a plan before the day of the wedding and especially the moment of picturesque magnificence. Try to scope out the exit path and set up your gear and lighting prior to the couple’s debut. If you can, steal away the couple and get a few test shots or creative poses with just them and some extra sparklers before everyone joins in the fun.
  • Use only ambient and sparkler light. Soft lighting in the path of the newlywed couple’s exit can be an excellent asset to the picture-perfect wedding sparkler photo. Using only the light from the sparklers and the soft lighting from string lights or other muted lighting or mood-setting materials can provide you with a picturesque memory. Photographers who know how to make this work include:
  • Jennifer Hawkins: To catch the perfect sparklers photos, she uses a Canon 5Diii with a sigma art 35mm lens at ISO 4000, f/1.4 and 1/100 sec. By manually adjusting the white balance using Kelvin 2500, she can achieve a balanced and timeless lighting effect.
  • Stephanie Mballo: Total darkness yields a more dramatic effect. If your exit is happening when it’s still partially light outside, though, take some tips from Mastin Labs user Mballo to achieve a beautifully captured snapshot before the sun is fully set. Try taking the image at ISO 4000, f/2 and 1/160 sec. Doing so presents less of a technical challenge and leaves some room for error for those of us who are still not photography pros. If you use an on-camera flash, adjust to a lower ISO with a moderate shutter speed to get a sharper photo.
You can also fine-tune your shutter speed to your camera’s light meter and take your shot. If you’re using only your camera’s flash, set the ISO to 100, f/2.0 and 1/100 sec. Lastly, if you have a second shooter, take advantage of that. Capture your shot without flash and have your wingman or woman shoot with a flash. Doing so provides you with two sets of images featuring very different looks and gives you some wiggle room for creativity knowing you have a backup.
  1. Shoot with an external flash. This technique can be complicated but well worth the challenge. Using an external flash can result in striking images, but you should only take this approach if you have wireless flash photography experience. You’ll want to set up two or more flashes, with one set along the side of the exit path and the other situated at the end of the path facing toward it. For the most diffused lighting, set your flashes five to ten feet off the path but angled toward it.

Using an iPhone to Capture an Iconic Sparklers Pic

You can be an amateur operating from your smartphone and still achieve a social media post-worthy pic. Using the Slow Shutter Cam app, you can capture a classic sparklers exit shot and more elaborate sparkler writing.
Slow Shutter Cam has a built-in mode called light trail mode that can capture all the sparkling action. It also has automatic exposure and focus-lock so you can mount your iPhone on a tripod, point it in the right direction, focus with a tap on the dark sky, select the “gear” settings and let the smartphone camera do its thing.
The app includes tabs for three capture modes, including motion blur, light trail, and low light. Tap on “light trail” to select it and adjust the light sensitivity and shutter speed. I recommend keeping the ISO set on auto. Since most firework action expires quickly, you’ll want to set the shutter speed at four or eight seconds.
To avoid the shake of the iPhone that accompanies a long exposure shot using the shutter button, try using the app’s built-in self-timer. You can set it to 1, 3, 5 and 10 seconds. Three or five seconds works best when catching fireworks, which can translate well to sparklers.
As an alternative to the self-timer, you can plug in your Apple earphones and use the “+” volume button as an external shutter button. Apple watches have a companion app that allows you to use your watch to tap the button that initiates the shot. The watch companion can sometimes have trouble connecting to your iPhone, though, so make sure to have your earbuds as a backup.

Posting Your Wedding Photos (Sparklers Included) on Social Media

Do it, please! We love to highlight our brides, and our flashy sparklers add to the thrill of sharing your momentous photos. We love showcasing our clients’ photos and the amazing and unique ways they’ve chosen to use our delightful torch-like favors to celebrate their joyous occasion. We are happy to repost, tag and brag on all our clients’ glitzy wedding photographs.
Visit our Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages for inspiration and to follow, like and share all things wedding sparklers.

Legal & Safety Concerns for Sparklers for Weddings

Wedding sparklers are a novelty item per the Department of Transportation (DOT). This means we can legally ship your sparklers to you via UPS Ground. You also need to check your local ordinances or laws about wedding sparklers and ensure that your wedding venue allows them before lighting them up on their property. Most venues welcome them due to general safety and non-messy clean-up. We cannot endorse children handling wedding sparklers, especially unattended. Though these flashy favors are generally safe and have been in use for over 200 years, they can still leave you with a nasty burn if mishandled.

When using wedding sparklers:

  • Hold them by the wire handle.
  • Never hold multiples and light them all at the same time.
  • Do not lay them down on the ground or another surface.
  • Never point a lit sparkler at another person.
  • Have a designated area to gather the extinguished sparklers after use (e.g., a bucket of sand)

Also, remember if you plan to gift your leftover wedding sparklers to your guests, airlines will not allow your plane-traveling visitors to carry them on or stow them away with their luggage. Wedding sparklers are not allowed via air transport at all.

Where Can I Buy Sparklers For My Wedding?

As mentioned above, you have several options of places to buy sparklers, including firework tents, big-box retailers, and various online sources, even Amazon. The problem is you don’t always know what you’re getting. I can actually give you an idea, though, because I’ve ordered them all, just to try them out. They were smoky, didn’t last as long as advertised or the composite fell off in chunks.
For 15 years, I’ve been perfecting my product. I used sparklers for my wedding send-off in 1999, and I want to give brides that classic, glamourous, right off the front cover of a magazine kind of experience you’re envisioning when you think of that wide sparkle effect you remember from childhood. The awe that filled your entire body and soul, glazing over your eyes and creating goosebumps that prickled your skin and left you feeling inspired and at peace all at once. Our wedding sparklers will leave you feeling that same level of breathlessness and entranced fascination.
Our sparklers are double dipped in high-quality composite material, creating a smokeless, enduring sparkle that captivates and thrills. We are so confident in our brand that we offer a 100% guarantee, meaning if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, the wedding is called off, it rains or you just change your mind, you can return them for a full refund.

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Sparklers Online Wedding Sparkler Reviews

If you used our sparklers on your wedding day, we want to hear from you! Let us know how our glistening party sticks made your big day brighter. Also, feel free to let us know what we can do better. We are happy to improve when changes are needed to make this moment in time all about you, as it should be.
If you are shopping with us for the first time, read what our other customers had to say about our wedding sparklers:

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“I ordered these as a last-minute idea for a small wedding reception held at our house. I wanted to make the sendoff special for the couple and I was very impressed with the speed of delivery, the quality of the sparkler, and the ease of ordering! The guests lined our curved sidewalk and lit the way for the special couple as they took off for their honeymoon. I will definitely use this site again for any future weddings.”
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You’re nearly convinced you want wedding sparklers for your big day, but you still have questions. We are happy to help! If you can’t find the answers to your questions here, please reach out to us. We are ready and willing to help make your day sparkle.

Any tips for how to capture a sparkler wedding send-off?

Having the right photography gear is helpful (e.g., a camera with low-light capabilities), but there are some other things you can do to get your shot, including:

When using wedding sparklers:

  • Plan the exit away from harsh lighting, such as the entryway lights or streetlights.
  • Pause and strike a pose a few times at the top of the path before making your way down the rest of the procession. This allows the photographer a test shot before rapid-firing throughout the remainder of the path.
  • Stop about three-quarters of the way through the tunnel, so you’re well-lit from all directions.
  • Walk slowly rather than running.
  • Redo the exit and enjoy your encore if the first take fails.

Visit the following links for more pointers on your exit shot:

Newly happy married couple walking under wedding sparkless

Are the sparklers for weddings smokeless?

Yes. When we describe our sparklers as smokeless, we take that to mean they emit less smoke. Where there’s fire, there will always be some smoke. Our goal is to make the amount of smoke produced negligible. The same rising smoke you might see from a candle flame is the same tiny amount of smoke you might see emitting from our wedding sparklers. You shouldn’t notice the smoke, but if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with our smokeless sparklers claim, you can contact us for our wedding sparklers guarantee and we will be happy to refund your purchase.

What other items can I get for my wedding?

You can also find matchbooks, tags, and buckets available for sale to complement your wedding sparklers purchase on our website. For matchbooks, we offer flap, box, and barrel styles. Even if you don’t use them to light your sparklers, they make a nice, personalized touch tied to the festive exit favor. You can also tie tags to your wedding sparklers adorned with a cutesy message (e.g., “Let’s Light the Way, Let Love Sparkle, Watch the Sparks Fly). Lastly, our chic buckets are a great way to store your wedding sparklers before and after use.

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What are sparklers made out of?

Our wedding sparklers are made with an iron rod that is hand-coated in China with barium nitrate, aluminum, magnalium and phenolic resin. Once the sparkler is cut to the desired size, it’s loaded into a specially designed wooden rack holding hundreds of sparklers and dipped into a barrel containing sparkler composite. The sparklers dry completely in the sun before being dipped again with a second coat of composite. The second coating allows for a durable product that will not chip apart and a longer-lasting burn for prolonged fun.

Can we tag Sparklers Online in our wedding photos?

Yes! Please do. We love photos of sparklers so much we started a Sparklers Online photo contest to showcase different photographers and celebrate your beautifully captured moment. The contest runs every two weeks with a new winner chosen and notified by email on the 1st and 15th of each month. You can submit your sparklers photos via our online form. Winners (both bride and photographer) win $100, and your photo will be featured on our online photo gallery with the photographer’s contact information and website.