The concept for Sparkle was conceived after my own wedding in July of 1999. We used 36 inch sparklers for our send off and they were an absolute smash! The photographs were exceptional and showed the festive feeling I had worked so hard to create. Honestly they were a last minute addition.  I was trying to find a way to honor my dad who grew up in the fireworks business.  I am not sure how the idea entered my head, but I was excited about it.  Funny thing, it almost did not happen.  At my wedding, which was at my parents home, the transformer blew - literally caught on fire and was in flames.  We lost power for an hour and a half - which was a miracle as some others "in the know" said it might take a few days to be repaired.  The band started late, someone fell, the booze ran out (seriously - someone had to run to the liquor store for more).  It was LATE at the end of the night.  Really late!  And I remember someone saying - forget the sendoff, just load the buses and send everyone home.  I said NO WAY and forced everyone to light a sparkler and my husband and I literally walked through the line carrying our luggage for our honeymoon.  It is such an old memory but such a vivid and happy one now.  

My father has been in the retail fireworks business for 60 years. He began as a teenager with a single roadside tent on the 4th of July, and steadily worked his way up to brick and mortar retail stores that are open year round. He devoted one entire summer to selling fireworks in a tent in Missouri in order to earn enough money to buy my mother an engagement ring, the same ring which my mother passed on many years later to my boyfriend (who became, subsequently my fiancé and husband) and which sits now on my own ring finger.

With the growing popularity of using sparklers in weddings, with my personal connection to fireworks, and the overwhelmingly positive response from the sparklers at my wedding, I was bombarded with friends asking how they can do the same thing. Finally it hit me that perhaps I should link my love for fireworks with my love for weddings. Hence, Sparkle, my labor of love! I hope you enjoy Sparkle's products and will share your wedding sparkler send off stories with me!

UPDATE: One thing I have had the opportunity to do over the years is to try a new brand of sparklers to sell and make more money.  These would be cheaper and my profits would be higher.  after ordering at least 5 different brands as samples I was horrified.  These sparklers were hard to light, the sparkler composite fell off in chunks, they would quit burning midway through.  Horrifying.  I know how every detail of a wedding is thought about and thought about to the point of exhaustion.  i simply refuse to have my wedding sparklers ever be the subject of conversation after a wedding that they were a disappointment.  


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