Large Sparklers for
Wedding Exits

Put a Spark in Your Wedding Exit

If you need ideas for a wedding send off, smokeless sparklers should be at the top of your list. Few send-offs make as spectacular a picture as a sparkler send-off for the bride and groom. With more couples deciding to include this growing tradition into their big day, you may be worried about keeping your wedding exit ideas fresh and exciting. However, a sparkler sendoff is always a grand exit.

Let’s concentrate on selecting the appropriate spot for the wedding exit. Of course, you can elevate the moment with large sparklers of 20 or 36 inches in length. Ten-inch sparklers are just as pretty, but extra-long sparklers burn longer to expand the moment and let guests participate more fully in the couple’s joy.

We know how busy you are during the wedding planning. So we put together the following tips to help you create superior celebrations at your wedding, baby shower and other milestone ceremonies.

What’s a Wedding Send Off or Exit Anyway?

The simplest wedding exit features the couple leaving the church amid a hailstorm of rice, perhaps into the car with a “Just Married” sign and cans tied to the bumper. Things have come a long way since this familiar exit first began.

To create a lasting impression on guests and to get the all-important photos, couples have made an art of the wedding exit. Now, the farewell line often includes smokeless sparklers, held up by guests to light the couple’s way along their new journey together.

How to Choose The Right Sparklers for Your Exit

After deciding on smokeless sparklers for your wedding exit, you need to know what types of sparklers are available and the benefits of each. Let’s look at the size ranges available. Choose from lengths of 10, 20 or 36 inches, depending on the amount of time you need for the exit. Short sparklers can work for small weddings with under 20 guests.

Once you start adding more guests, you need time to pass out all the sparklers, light them and get everyone in place. In this case, large sparklers (20 inches) or extra-large sparklers (36 inches) are highly recommended for logistical purposes.

Today’s average wedding has 250 or more guests. For larger weddings, extra-large sparklers give everyone time to light the sparklers, get in place and create a superior celebration for the bride and groom. If you think that’s too splashy for your celebration, select the next size down.

For 150 or fewer guests, 20-inch sparklers are ideal for smaller weddings. With fewer people to organize, guests can light the sparklers, get in line and salute the couple. The burn rate for this size is two minutes.

For intimate weddings with just a few close friends, select the quick burning 10-inch sparklers for your wedding exit.

Where Should I Hold my Wedding Send Off?

Most people simply hold the exit at the main entrance to the church or other location. If you are holding the reception at the same place as the ceremony, look for an open field nearby or use the parking area. For large and extra-large sparklers, you need an area free of safety hazards and obstructions.

Coordinating Your Wedding Guests

Ask a trusted friend to take charge of the exit. They can wrangle guests into position, hand out the sparklers and help everyone light their smokeless sparkler. This is important if you want to get the best footage or photographs.

Make sure your coordinator knows the plan. Typically, guests form two rows to create an aisle. Then, the bride and groom walk down the line of guests to receive congratulations. For safety’s sake, these lines must stay at least eight feet apart. This helps ensure that the happy couple isn’t burned or otherwise inconvenienced as they greet guests.

Tips for Lighting the Wedding Sparklers

Getting 150 or more sparklers lit at the same time is no mean feat. The clock is ticking from the time the first sparkler touches flame. You need a plan to get all the smokeless sparklers lit in less than 30 seconds before they start to fizzle out.

Matches and handheld lighters are not a good idea. First of all, it’s hard to coordinate, and it’s not the safest idea in the world to ask hundreds of guests to brandish their flames. Instead, set up candles or blowtorches and place responsible friends in charge.

Basic Sparkler Safety Precautions

Take the following safety precautions to make sure your big exit garners only happy memories.

  • Keep fire extinguishers on hand. Ideally, you need one at the beginning and end of the line formed by guests.
  • Set up buckets of water so that guests can safely dispose of spent sparklers.
  • Make sure there are first aid kits displayed prominently in case anyone is hurt.
  • If you have an open bar or any alcohol as part of the reception, make sure your exit takes places before the bar opens. You don’t want to serve drinks until the extra-large sparklers are all disposed of.