Common Wedding Sparkler Questions


  • Why should I buy from We sell the best sparklers on the market.  In an effort to look at reducing costs, we sampled many sparklers and found none to be as bright and last as long as my sparklers.  All the smaller copycat websites out there are using an inferior product and we refuse to sacrifice quality.
  • How do I place an order? Please order products online at or by calling us at 1.800.306.8070. If you have any questions, please email us at
  • What are your business hours? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • What are your payment methods?  We accept Visa and MasterCard.
  • Will I be charged sales tax? Sales tax of 8.5% will be applicable for orders with a Tennessee billing address.
  • What is your most popular sparkler? Most brides order the 36-inch sparkler. It is the longest “sparkling” sparkler on the market. Its 4-minute “sparkle” allows enough time for your guests to line up and light their sparklers as you and your lucky groom leave for your reception or honeymoon.
  • What size sparkler do you recommend? You have the most flexibility with the 36-inch sparklers. They give you plenty of time to get all of the sparklers lit, arrange your guests and photographer, and run out amid a sea of sparklers. If your wedding is around 100 people, you can easily use the 20-inch sparklers. Many people love the little ones (the 10-inch sparklers) – I simply think it takes more time to tie 4-5 together, but they look adorable when you do!
  • How far in advance should I order sparklers? Sparklers will stay good for many, many years, so how far in advance you order them is up to you. Please remember that we are unable to ship via any other method than UPS Ground, so please order in plenty of time for your wedding. If you place an order with Sparklers Online before 11 AM Central Standard Time, your order will be shipped out that day via UPS Ground from Tennessee. UPS Ground estimates 3 – 7 business days for shipment.
  • How do I light the sparklers? The 20-inch and 36-inch sparklers are quite tough to light with a match, lighter, or candle flame. They do light instantly with another sparkler. In each box of 20-inch and 36-inch sparklers (48 sparklers per box), we include an additional six of our 10-inch sparklers with lighting instructions to help. Simply light the 10-inch sparklers (they light instantly with a match, candle flame, or lighter) then use the 10-inch sparklers to get some of the longer sparklers lit. The 20-inch and 36- inch sparklers will light off any lit sparkler, regardless of the size. (Getting the sparklers lit is a great task for the groomsmen. Make sure they know where you have stored the lighter and 10-inch sparklers.)
  • Do you have a catalog or brochure? We have a small brochure we can send with pictures and prices, but most of our information is available online. Click here to send us your address.
  • What method of shipping do you use? All orders of sparklers will be shipped via UPS Ground in accordance with the Department of Transportation guidelines. Shipping and Handling charges are free for all our products. Please allow 3 – 7 days for delivery of sparklers. No exceptions, we are unable to ship via any other method than UPS Ground.

  • How can I estimate shipping times? Simply go to our shipping time estimator and enter your zip code.

  • Why do you only ship via UPS Ground? We ship via UPS Ground for the sparklers because that is the only method of shipping we are legally allowed to use. We use UPS Ground for the shipping of all our other products because we receive such a terrific rate. We like to pass the savings along to you and offer free UPS Ground shipping for all products.

  • Can I pay more for alternate (faster) shipping methods other than UPS Ground? UPS Ground is the only option we offer. No exceptions. Be sure to check the link above to UPS as in most cases, the sparklers will arrive in plenty of time.

  • I want sparklers shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the US. We only ship sparklers to the Continental US.

  • Is it OK to ship sparklers? Sparklers are classified as novelties by the federal government and are not defined as consumer fireworks. Under this classification, sparklers can legally be shipped via ground methods. If you are concerned about the legality of sparklers in your area, please check with your facility and your fire marshal’s office before making a purchase.

  • How can I receive my UPS tracking number? When your order is about to ship you’ll receive an automated email message with tracking information. At any time, you can track your shipment right on our website.
  • Are sparklers safe? If used with good discretion, sparklers are perfectly safe. The following warning is included in every box: “Caution, Flammable. Use only under close adult supervision. For outdoor use only. Do not touch the glowing wire. Hold in hand with arm extended from the body. Keep the burning end or sparks away from wearing apparel or other flammable material. Hold and light only one sparkler at a time. After use, place in water.”

  • Will sparklers burn my dress? Again, as we mentioned above, if sparklers are used with good discretion, you should not have a single worry. We have had thousands of happy brides order and use sparklers without a single complaint. Make sure, if you are using sparklers for your wedding departure, that you have your guests lined up far enough away from each other to create a wide row (so that you are NOT running underneath the sparklers). This will eliminate any possibility of sparklers coming in contact with the wedding dress. Please read the safety instructions included in the box.

  • What is the safest way to use sparklers? Line your guests up into 2 rows and have the bride and groom run through the rows. Make sure the bride and groom are not running under a “tunnel” of sparklers. We have had thousands of happy brides and not a single problem because all guests have used the sparklers responsibly.

  • Are sparklers safe to use indoors? No, sparklers are for outdoor use only.
  • How do I return my order? Sparklers Online stands behind the quality of every product we sell. If you are unhappy for any reason, please call Libba directly at 615.973.6100 or email Libba at and we will arrange for a full refund or product replacement. We regret that we are unable to refund shipping costs.
  • To initiate a refund, please email and I will personally walk you through the process.  While we do not issue pre-paid return labels, we do offer a 100% full return for any reason.  Refunds will be processed within 48 hours of receiving the product with the funds returning to the original form of payment.
  • Should I order matchboxes? You will not need matchboxes with the sparklers as many people will light off each other – it’s just what happens. You can save money and get the sparklers you really want! However, if you do want matchbooks, as they are so cute with the sparklers, We have found that has the most styles and colors to choose from. People bundle matchbooks with the 10-inch sparklers using a ribbon or will stick the handle of the 20-inch and 36-inch sparklers through the matchboxes. A big basket of matches is also adorable.
  • What if I did not receive my “lighting sparklers” with my order of 20-inch or 36-inch sparklers? We extend our apologies – it was an absolute mistake. Simply send us an email, and we will send some in the mail to you. If your wedding is tomorrow, don’t panic! The sparklers will light with a lighter – this just makes it easier. Once you get one sparkler lit, you’re golden. All other sparklers can be lit from that one and the other sparklers it lights.
  • How do I store the sparklers? Make sure the products are kept in a dry place. If you keep the sparklers away from dampness, they will stay good for years.
  • What color are the sparklers? The sparklers are physically silver in color and they burn the color of a candle flame. On the box, they will say the color is gold but again, they burn the color of a candle flame.
  • Do sparklers come in any other colors? The answer is yes, sparklers come in other colors but we do not sell colored sparklers because they do not come in the longer lengths, they burn more like a torch instead of with a pretty “sparkle”, and they only come in primary colors (mainly red, green, and blue).
  • Do you offer sparklers with a wooden stick? No. The wooden stick starts to burn after the sparkler has been used and falls off in chunks on the ground. We only offer sparklers with a wire stick that does not break apart.
  • Do you offer volume discounts? For our sparklers, the lowest price we offer is available to the public.
  • Do you sell in any smaller quantities than those listed online? We only sell sparklers in pre-packaged boxes. The good news is that they stay good for many years, so you can always save extras for the 4th of July.
  • Do you sell samples? We do not sell samples but have a 100% guarantee. Order a box you think you want, try the sparklers. If you are not 100% pleased with the product – even if you have opened the box, simply return them for a full refund.
  • What size sparklers would work for my wedding? Shorter sparklers are typically 10 inches and suitable for small weddings. For celebrations with more guests, use 20-inch or 36-inch lengths as your budget permits. Use 36-inch long sparklers if you plan on having 100 guests or more at your wedding. The longer they are, the longer the burn time. Also called long or extra long sparklers, 36-inch sparklers give you time enough to take the best wedding photos, and long enough for grand entrances and wedding exits. They also allow you time to line up your guests, get every sparkler lit, reapply your lipstick (thanks MOM!), and have a happy wedding sparkler sendoff. Also, consider the timing and safety considerations mentioned.
  • How long do wedding sparklers last? The ephemeral light from smokeless sparklers create a magical moment you want to last forever. Unfortunately, each sparkler has a unique burn time. So, get the one that best showcases your wedding exit.
    • 36 inches: extra-large sparklers burn for four minutes
    • 20 inches: large sparklers have a sparkle time of two minutes
    • 10 inches: burns for 40 seconds
  • Where can I buy longer sparklers for my big day? The best place to purchase extra-large sparklers/36-inch sparklers is from the experts at, The Original Sparkler Company. Contact us at for prices and to set up a free consultation for your big day. If you need help planning your wedding exit, trust our experienced staff to provide assistance.
  • What is a sparkler made of? The sparklers we sell begin with an iron rod that is then coated by hand in China with Barium Nitrate, Aluminum, Magnalium, Phenolic Resin.
  • How are sparklers made? The iron is cut into the desired length.  We sell 10 inch, 20 inch and 36 inch wedding sparklers – so the iron is cut specifically to those lengths.  The sparklers are then loaded into a specially designed wooden rack that holds hundreds of sparklers in tiny holes.  The sparklers are dipped at once into a barrel containing the sparkler composite. They dry in the sun and are then dipped again and allowed to fully dry.  This second dipping process of the sparklers allows the composite to fully adhere to the iron rod and will eventually allow the sparklers to be extra long lasting.  The composite we use is extra durable and will not break off or fall off in any way.
  • Can sparklers be used indoors? Legally, you should not use sparklers indoors. Please refer to the warning on the sparkler box and read on the Consumer Products Safety website. However, many restaurants use sparklers to put on cakes for birthdays and special celebrations.
  • Can sparklers be used on a cake? Yes they can! The 10-inch sparklers are best for cakes as they are thin and very lightweight. If you insist on wanting a 20-inch sparkler on your wedding cake or birthday cake, you will need to inform the baker so they can prepare with some sort of Styrofoam base as the 20-inch sparkler is long and they are a bit heavier.
  • Will sparklers work in the rain? We haven’t tried to use sparklers in the rain but you are welcome to try.
  • Do sparklers smell? Sparklers do not smell before lit. When they are lit, there is a smell like the start of a candle.
  • Do you suggest getting a sparkler sign for a wedding? Sparkler signs really add to the day! We offer sparkler signs right here at Sparklers Online. We have signs, sparkler tags, and sparklers buckets to help you complete the perfect sparkler ensemble.

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