What an economy!

It is impossible to turn on The Today Show…my beloved show of many years…and not see Jean Chatzky giving advice on how to save money.  Well, when you have plans to get married, you simply are not going to put them on hold for a silly little thing like a downturn in the economy. 

The one thing I have always loved about my sparklers, and the idea of using sparklers at weddings, is that they are simply the most affordable “wow” factor you can add.  For $35 (free shipping), you can get 48 of our 20 inch sparklers that will give you the pictures of a lifetime.  I cannot tell you how many people email me saying they spent a fortune on flowers and food but the thing they liked best were the sparklers – which they spent the least amount of money on.  Best wishes!  www.sparklersonline.com