5 Amazing Summer Wedding Favor Ideas – Don’t Miss

Heart created with Wedding Sparklers

Wedding favor ideas are those that bring life to your weddings. While swept up in wedding planning, one important detail that many couples often overlook is wedding favors. If you are in the middle of wedding planning and happen to have let this little detail slip your mind—fear not!

Memorable wedding favors don’t have to break the bank, and there are tons of cute seasonal wedding favor ideas and are easy to pull off at the last minute. Below we share five of our favorite wedding ideas that will add a fun touch to your special day.

1. Sunglasses

Wedding favors that also serve a purpose during the event are always appreciated by guests! If you are planning a wedding in the afternoon, sunglasses are an excellent favor idea. Guests that didn’t come prepared for the sun will thank you for the thoughtful touch, and they will provide friends and family with years of use following your big day! We love this basket of basic wafers with a cute sign and these cute shades with personalized tags for an extra special touch.

2. Flip Flops

Planning a beach wedding? Why not provide your guests with flip-flops so that they don’t have to worry about walking around on the sand in dress shoes? Providing comfortable footwear is also an easy way to guarantee the dance floor will be full of guests having a blast all night long! Buy in bulk and fill up a cute basket like this, or even personalize your flip flops for an extra memorable wedding favor idea.

3. S’more Supplies

Since summer is all about spending as much time as possible outdoors, mini s’more kits make an adorable wedding favor idea! This is a quick and budget-friendly idea for couples that have put off wedding favor planning til the last minute. Even better? It is guaranteed to delight children and adults alike!

4. Paper Fans

Paper fans add an elegant touch to any summer wedding and will help guests keep cool if the day happens to be especially warm. This is yet one of another summer wedding favor ideas that will be of use to guests during your special day and for years to come. You can stick with classic paper fans like these or even create personalized fans for an extra cute touch.

5. Sparklers

Since your grand exit will conclude the evening, why not incorporate personalized wedding sparkler favors into your wedding send-off? There is a wide selection of adorable summer wedding favor ideas for personalizing sparklers on the internet, some of our favorites of which include these DIY labels that conveniently include a match for easy lighting and these “Let Love Shine” labels that work perfectly for a rustic theme. An added bonus is that these sparkler favors can add to decor during the event and look super cute in photos.

Planning to DIY personalized sparklers as your summer wedding favor ideas? We have you covered! Our convenient online store offers a variety of wedding sparklers that will work perfectly as favors, no matter what you have planned.

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