Using Pumpkins in Fall Weddings

Using Pumpkins in Fall Weddings

Fall is in full swing, and as always, this means that we cannot get enough of pumpkins! Whether we are burning our favorite pumpkin-scented candle, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte from our favorite coffee shop, or heading to the pumpkin patch with friends and family, pumpkins are eponymous with the fall season. So when it comes to planning a fall wedding, we think incorporating pumpkins into your wedding is a must. Read on to learn some of our favorite ideas for using pumpkins in fall weddings, culminating in a magical wedding send off.

Decorate with Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkins

How adorable are these Mr. & Mrs. pumpkins? You can easily make your own with some paint, appliques, and a creative friend or family member. They will look great on a guest book or gift table, and can even double as props for photos.

Serve Pumpkin-Themed Appetizers

Another way to use pumpkins in fall weddings? Use them in your menu! In addition to making the perfect fall decor, pumpkins are also delicious, and a great option for a fall-themed menu. We love the idea of these appetizers that use the pumpkin itself as a serving dish.

Use Pumpkins as Aisle Markers

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can’t go wrong with using pumpkins as aisle markers during your ceremony. This will add a fun festive touch to any fall wedding. We recommend opting for a variety of pumpkin sizes, shapes, and colors, to really make them stand out. Feeling creative? You can jazz up your pumpkin aisle markers with paint, stencils, and carving!

Entertain with a Pumpkin Carving or Decorating Station

A fun way to entertain guests (adults and children alike!) is to set up a pumpkin decorating station. You can keep it simple with miniature pumpkins and crayons or go all out with paints, glitter, stencils, and more! Although it could get messy, another fun way to use pumpkins in fall weddings is to have a carving station, where guests can have fun with this classic fall activity.

Incorporate Pumpkins into your Cake

Pumpkins are also a festive way to add a touch of fall to your wedding cake. Not a fan of pumpkin-flavored desserts? You can still embrace the season by decorating your cake with a pumpkin topper. Can’t get enough of pumpkin flavor? You may want to consider a pumpkin spice cake in addition to pumpkin decor.

Illuminate Your Reception with Pumpkins

Nothing is quite as magical as the glow of a carved pumpkin lantern lighting up a crisp fall evening. If you are planning an evening wedding, one of the best ways to use pumpkins in fall weddings is by using them in your lighting. Some of the most magical pumpkin lighting displays we have seen include these celestial pumpkins, these simple yet elegant mini heart lanterns, and these lanterns that incorporate fall flowers.

Once you have the mood set with elegant pumpkin lanterns, you can’t go wrong by adding an extra touch of magic to a fall evening with a wedding sparkler send off.