Awesome Sparkler Ideas To Try in 2023

A cute way to display your wedding sparklers.

Looking for some innovative sparkler ideas that will take your next party to a whole new level?

Sparklers add that spark of fun to every celebration. Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary, a wedding, a graduation, or a big Fourth of July blow-out, sparklers add a fun touch that will leave everyone talking.

Each year, brides and party planners use our top-of-the-line sparklers to energize the celebration and they are often looking for new, fun and even crazy ways to use sparklers. So we’ve put together some excellent suggestions on how to use sparklers to decorate and liven up any festivity.

  1. Attach clever or sentimental notecards to them and spread them out on an entry table for guests to get when they arrive. The notecards themselves can be crafted of art paper in colors that match the other decorations.
  2. Place them in elegant vases around the room. Again, choose your vases in colors and styles that accentuate the other décor.
  3. Fill rustic tin cans with sparklers and place them in convenient locations.
  4. Gather 4 to 6 and tie them together with colorful ribbons at the base, then lay them on tables or place them in jars.
  5. Place a dozen sparklers in metal buckets that have been embellished with artificial flowers and/or ribbon.
  6. Wrap them in bunches using colorful tissue paper or decorative foil. Decorative foil is one of those craft products that is so versatile and easy to use.
  7. Make clever envelopes for them. These can be crafted out of wrapping paper with a pocket to place the sparkler inside. The height and width will depend on how many you place in each envelope and what length sparkler you’re using.
  8. If the theme is country, then place bunches of sparklers in authentic leather boots. You can dress the boots up with satin ribbon or silk flowers.
  9. Place bunches of sparklers in decorative baskets. You can find baskets in all shapes and sizes these days. From rattan to wire, there’s an endless selection. If you are environmentally conscious, you can even find baskets made of willow, seagrass, or water hyacinth.
  10. Antique soda bottles make great containers for sparklers. Each one will hold 3 or so. They don’t even need decorating but you can dress them up with ribbon if you like. You can also tie notecards around each bottle with cute sayings.