The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette Traditionally there have been pretty clear-cut rules when it comes to wedding etiquette. However, with the rise of technology and shifting cultural norms, many traditional wedding etiquette traditions have become outdated. Due to these constant shifts in what is and is not proper wedding etiquette, it can be tricky to plan your big day! In this post we will share some of the most important dos and don’ts, from using send offs such as wedding sparklers to alternatives for a receiving line, to take into consideration as you plan your wedding.

DON’T send registry information with your invites

Although it seems convenient, it is considered poor wedding etiquette to include information about where you are registered for wedding gifts with your wedding invitation. Fortunately, the ever-increasing popularity of wedding websites has made this wedding tradition easy to work around. Instead of including registry details in your invite, we suggest incorporating them into your wedding website, which you most definitely can include on your invite. Another workaround for the less tech-savvy? Give registry information to close friends and family, so that they can direct inquiring guests to your registry.

DO ditch the receiving line

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, it is no longer necessary to include a traditional receiving line in your wedding reception. “Traditionally, a newly-married couple, along with their parents and sometimes siblings, would line up after their ceremony to greet their guests and thank them for coming,” wedding designer Jung Lee tells the magazine. However, he points out that this tradition, which was often tedious for both the bride and groom as well as guests, has been replaced with less formal traditions, like going up to each table of guests to greet them, or greeting guests during a cocktail hour.

DON’T expect the bride’s parents to pay for the wedding

If you are just jumping into wedding planning, it may come as a surprise that the bride’s parents are no longer expected to pay for the entirety of the wedding. Although this is still the case in some instances, it is more common for wedding funding to come from a variety of sources including the couple, the groom’s parents, and the bride’s parents. When it comes down to it, it really is all about what works for your specific financial situation and family relationships.

DO create a wedding hashtag

Creating a wedding hashtag is definitely a more recent wedding etiquette tradition that has evolved alongside the rise of the smartphone. While not an absolute must, it is definitely in line with proper etiquette to let guests know about your wedding hashtag and encourage them to use it to share photos of your big day—be it on your formal invites or simply on your wedding website.

DON’T skip traditional elements that you love

When it comes down to wedding etiquette and tradition, it is ultimately your day, and you should do what works for your wedding instead of sticking to hard and fast rules. So while for instance it is no longer an etiquette “must” to not see each other until the ceremony on your wedding day, you can still stick to this tradition if it is important to you!

DO plan a clear end to your wedding

Yes – you want your reception to go on as long as possible. However, you don’t want it to drag on to the point that guests are bored and unsure if it is okay to leave or not. This is why planning a wedding exit is a wedding etiquette tradition that continues to be popular as other traditions fall by the wayside. Looking for formal wedding send off ideas? Some of our favorites include bubbles, glow sticks, flower petals, and, of course, wedding sparklers!