The Secret Art of Stunning Backyard Wedding

wedding sparklers

A backyard can be a wonderful place for that quaint wedding you’re planning. There a few important things to take into consideration while planning a backyard wedding. The most important is probably the size. Compare the size of the back yard you are considering with the size of your guest list.

Your guests will not be comfortable at all if you try to cram 200 people into a small back yard. The area should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the guest list.  You’ll have tables and chairs, decorations, and of course some type of arbor or archway where the ceremony will be held.

It may be helpful to draw out the back yard to scale on a sheet of paper. Next, make small paper replicas of all tables and larger objects. Move these around on your paper until you get the perfect configuration.  This will make it simple to tell whether everything will fit or not. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to have a great backyard wedding.

Choosing a Date and Setting the Guest List:

Factors to Consider: When choosing a date, consider the weather and the availability of facilities such as restrooms and electricity. You should also consider the size of your backyard and whether it can accommodate the number of guests you are inviting.

Setting the Guest List: You can have a small, intimate gathering or a larger celebration, depending on the size of your backyard and your preference. Consider the number of people you can comfortably accommodate and the budget you have for catering and other expenses.

Decorating the backyard:

Using Natural Elements: Use flowers, trees, and grass in the backyard to create a natural and beautiful setting for your wedding.

Adding Personal Touches: Include photos or handmade decorations to add a personal touch to the backyard.

Renting or Borrowing Additional Decor: If you need additional decor beyond what you have available, consider renting or borrowing from friends and family. For night you can use sparklers to create a charm environment.

Catering and beverages:

Options for Catering: You can choose to cater the backyard wedding yourself, hire a professional caterer, or have a potluck-style meal with dishes brought by guests.

Serving Alcohol: Consider the options for serving alcohol at your backyard wedding, such as a full bar, beer and wine only, or a signature cocktail. You may also need to obtain permits for serving alcohol, depending on your location.

Entertainment and activities:

Music: Choose music for the wedding, such as a live band, DJ, or playlist.

Games and Activities: Set up yard games or a photo booth for guests to enjoy during the wedding.

Seating and accommodations:

Setting up Seating: Set up tables and chairs or provide blankets for guests to sit on during the ceremony and reception.

Providing Amenities: Consider amenities such as lighting and restrooms for the comfort of your guests.


A second important consideration is the landscaping. If the yard only needs a small amount of landscaping in order to be the perfect venue, then that’s totally doable. But if it needs thousands of dollars’ worth of landscaping, then this may drive your backyard wedding budget over the edge.

Be realistic. Though there are some things that you and your family can do yourselves, ask yourself if it’s really feasible given your time frame and wedding budget.

Ways to Save

If you’re having the backyard wedding in someone’s back yard, then you’re already saving hundreds or thousands of dollars, but you can also save in some other areas. A back yard lends itself to more casual food choices. You could even plan a huge barbecue and serve grilled steaks and seafood.

This would make a delicious menu for a fraction of the cost of a regular backyard wedding caterer.  You can save on the decorations as well. Instead of flowers and floral arrangements, use rustic lanterns and strings of colorful Christmas lights. Handcraft your place cards and set baskets on the tables to hold programs.

Important Things to Remember

Parking is an important consideration. Check with neighbors about parking in their driveways or if there’s a church or business nearby that would allow you to borrow some of their parking spaces, this can simplify that issue. Some couples prefer a simple arbor to get married under while others want a tent for the main backyard wedding ceremony.

Be sure to check into the price and availability of items like these so your wedding costs don’t skyrocket. And don’t forget the port-a-potties!