Sparkler Sizes

Find the Perfect Size Sparkler For Your Perfect Wedding

We get tons of questions about our different sparkler sizes so we thought it would be helpful to put all of the information in one place! We love all of our sparklers but each one works best for specific types of events – check out the different types to figure out which sparkler is right for you!


36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Writing Photo Credit: http://www.kelliephoto.com/

48 Sparklers/Box
Burn Time: 4 Minutes

This is our pride and joy! The very wedding sparkler that Libba used for her wedding. Its 4 minute “sparkle” time will allow you to light the sparklers, arrange the guests and still have time for the perfect send-off.

smoke free sparklers

These smokeless sparklers have the brightest “sparkle” of any wedding sparkler on the market because they are “double dipped”.  No other sparkler is made with this

process… and no other sparkler can GUARANTEE that every individual wedding sparkler will burn brightly for 4 minutes with NO DUDS! The sparklers are also extremely easy to light and feature a dazzling bright gold color.


Wedding Sparklers Heart Photo Credit: http://www.divineportraitstudios.com/

Burn Time: 2 Minutes
48 Sparklers/Box

The 20 inch wedding sparklers are perfect for smaller weddings where there are not as many guests to coordinate. They are a great value for a beautiful effect.

20 Inch Perfect Smokeless Sparkler Send OffPhoto Credit: http://www.wstudiosnewyork.com/

I have so many brides ask me what size sparklers they should order for their weddings.  They know they need a long sparkler but the 36 inch sparkler simply seems too long.  It can be a hard decision, choosing the right size wedding sparkler for your big day, because it is hard to imagine what the sparkler feels like and how it will work within your space.

The 36 inch sparkler is the length of a yard stick – three feet long.  Often the decision about sparkler size comes down to space. Perhaps your outside walkway is narrow or your guests do not have enough space to spread out.

20 Inch Smokless Sparkler Writing Photo Credit: http://www.ctryan.com/

What you most want to consider when using any sparkler is: will you have enough time?  I am asked “what is the most popular wedding sparkler” all the time and have a simple answer.  The sparkler send-off has become a moment of the wedding.  The last thing you want is for the bride and family to be stressed out because they have to get all the sparklers lit, the guests lined up and have time for the send-off.

Simply imagine if you have 200 guests and only have 2 minutes to orchestrate the sparkler farewell.  It is going to be a super tight timeline.  But with weddings of around 100 people, you can certainly have a perfect send-off with the 20 inch sparklers.

10 INCH SPARKLERS 10 Inch Sparklers

288 Sparklers/Box
Burn Time: 45 Seconds

Our 10 inch sparklers are perfect for a party or special event! Put them on a birthday cake for a little something extra. Each 10 inch wedding sparkler lasts for approximately 45 seconds. Plan on at least 5 sparklers per guest. What you don’t want is a send off line with guests who have used all their wedding sparklers before you even begin your send-off.

10 Inch Sparklers Party The 10 inch wedding sparklers are perfect if you are creative and want the sparklers to look as good unlit as they look lit. Pair our smokeless sparklers with a matchbook and you have the perfect favor.