Sparkler Centerpieces

Oh how I love to create centerpieces…it has been instilled in me by my mother.  It all started with something really simple – easy for a little girl to figure out.  The Williamsburg centerpiece…

First, we polished the apples with floor wax to make them super shiny.  Then we stuck them on the nails of the centerpiece.  We filled in the holes with boxwood (cut from the yard) and voila…a perfect centerpiece.  Now this was just the starter.  My mom then worked her magic with magnolia leaves, candlesticks, and gorgeous silver bowls to make something that would rival Martha Stewart…all from her cupboards and yard.  She is a magician!

You can imagine my excitement when I saw someone used wedding sparklers for a centerpiece!  Was a stroke of genius!

Just last week, I attended my college roommate’s wedding in Napa.  Yes, we were terribly disappointed about the destination and were super disappointed when we learned we needed to go early and leave our kids at home.  Ha!  It was the week of a lifetime with my closest friends from college…more on that later, but her centerpieces were amazing – a collection of potted flowers, hurricanes, fruit, and votives that just worked together.  Her mother surprised her with the details (dream bride) and she has excellent taste!