Shipping sparklers overnight

Let me start and say we CANNOT ship sparklers overnight – for any reason. I wish we could!

I love different types of brides.  Some have been engaged for over 1 year, others just a few months.  The question I get almost every Thursday or Friday is “Can you overnight wedding sparklers to me?”.  Oh how I wish the answer was something different than what I have to tell people, which is no.  Sparklers are allowed to be shipped via a ground method only – period.  We use UPS exclusively.


My crew at Sparklers Online is super good at what they do and after 11 years of shipping sparklers, we have it down to a science.  We have custom shipping boxes to make sure the wedding sparklers are not damaged in transit.  We have an amazing UPS driver who is kind enough to wait in the parking lot when we have a last minute order.  We do everything we can to make sure your sparklers arrive via UPS on time.

We have one thing we need from all our adorable brides.  PLEASE order wedding sparklers advance.  Please!  We have free shipping and have a 100% return policy – for any reason.  Really, we will take sparklers back if they have all been used!  If kept in a dry place, the sparklers will stay good for over 10 years.  They are the perfect thing to order in advance and cross off your list.

So let me sum it up…wedding sparklers shipped overnight simply cannot happen.  Wedding sparklers shipped via UPS Ground – absolutely.  And because we ship from Tennessee, we can reach 80% of the population in 3 days.