Nashville Bride

If you haven’t heard, Nashville is the “it” town.  We have the best music and are have some super restaurants.  Everyone here is friendly, real estate is affordable and the general vibe is everyone is welcome.  But when it comes to planning weddings, we have some of the best of the best.  Amazing venues, delicious bakeries, top-notch planners and photographers as well as the best wedding sparkler company in the US…all in Nashville!  You all know that is me, www.SparklersOnline.com, right?

I could not help but share the photo of a Nashville couple.  They carry the quintessential Nashville vibe – are in the music business, can be seen at every cool concert in town and know how to spot talent from a mile away.  I was thrilled when Lauren and Jon shared their wedding sparkler photo taken at the War Memorial Auditorium.  Somehow the bride and groom coming down the steps makes such an impact!  Let me know what you think of this amazing wedding sparkler photo!  It was taken by the talented Kristyn Hogan.  And to top it off, they are about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, which happens to fall on my birthday!

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Kristyn Hogan Photography