It all started here…the simple wedding sparkler idea

I seem to be asked often, “Where did the idea of using sparklers at wedding originate”?  It is a sweet story – one I can claim as my very own.  It really started with this photo below.  The photo is from the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.  It came out in 1997, I was engaged in 1998 and married in 1999.  I wanted to do this at my wedding but it did not make sense.  My family is in the fireworks business, and I thought what can I do utilizing fireworks to make the end of my wedding special.  It honestly hit me like a ton of bricks.  Have each guest light a sparkler and make them into something called Wedding Sparklers.

original wedding sparklers

the idea that sparked the wedding sparklers industry

It took a while to introduce the idea of using sparklers at weddings.  People did not know how to use them.  If I asked people to consider sparklers, they really did not even know what i was talking about.  Wedding sparklers, what are those?  But once I showed photos, it took off like crazy!

So when you are choosing your sparklers, think of me, the fun idea I had and how it launched a great way to end the evening.  Our wedding sparklers have been the same quality sparkler we have sold for 10 solid years.  When you call the company, you speak with me, Libba, the owner and day to day manager of the business.  I pride myself on a great product and perfect customer service.

My sweet husband and I are about to celebrate 15 years of marriage!  The Navy, Wedding Sparklers, 8 states and 9 moves!

The Original Wedding Sparkler Photo

The Original Wedding Sparkler Photo