How to Sparkle on Your Birthday

Sparklers Wholesale Your birthday is a special time of year when friends and family come together to celebrate with yummy cake, punch and festive decorations. Many times, people search for unique ways to make the celebration even more fun for everyone.  Sometimes the group will take part in fun games and other times a fanciful cake is baked and displayed for everyone’s amusement.

Birthday Sparklers are a Great New Idea!

One new trend of the last few years has really transformed birthdays and that includes replacing the candles with sparklers. In the past, the poor quality of sparklers made this a bad idea, but today’s quality-constructed birthday sparklers change everything. At Sparklers Online you can find sparklers in three sizes that will burn for up to 4 minutes. These are bright, smoke-free sparklers that are safe and fun to use. They add a new depth and dimension to any birthday celebration.

Sparklers are very affordable and today’s advanced manufacturing techniques allow these special birthday cake sparklers to have little or no smoke and no residue. They also have a plastic cap attached to the bottom so they are easier to place on the birthday cake. Guests are quite surprised and delighted when they see the brilliant sparklers on top of a festive birthday cake. For those that love to take lots of photographs at events like this, sparklers always produce distinctive and stunning photos.

Though sparklers do require a bit of common sense safety measures, they are easy to use and safe for birthday parties, anniversary parties, reunions, weddings, and any festive gathering. Whether you are five years old or fifty-five, everyone will love the extra fun and entertainment offered from using sparklers instead of candles.

Use Sparklers to Decorate the Room

Sparklers can also be placed around the room in jars, vases, cans or floral arrangements. They can be lit at various times to keep the party mood going strong throughout the evening. Because they burn for 4 minutes and are smoke-free, your guests will be able to enjoy numerous photo opportunities without worrying about unpleasant odors and smoke.

For your next big birthday blow-out, why not spice things up with beautiful birthday sparklers from SparklersOnline.com?  They are such an original and fresh idea, not to mention very cost-effective. Even those on the strictest budget can afford them and they are 100% guaranteed. Sparkle is the premier wedding sparkler website but now we are pleased to offer beautiful, long-lasting birthday sparklers as well.

Wedding sparklers come in 10, 20 and 36 inch sizes and you can safely store them for years so if you buy too many, simply re-package them and store them in a cool, dry place till the next big party comes along.