How to Choose the Best Music for Your Wedding

choosing the right music for your wedding is crucial for your guests to have fun Everyone will agree that music plays an important part in all our lives, so it’s no surprise that it’s a key ingredient for any wedding ceremony and reception. When you choose the right music, it creates just the right mood for everyone to have fun.

For a memorable wedding and reception, it’s important to consider the decorations, wedding colors, and other things specific to the bride and groom. For instance, if the couple is over 50, then playing some old-school rock ‘n roll might be fun for all. If the couple are both into some sport, like surfing, then it could be amusing to play favorite surfing songs such as:

  • Pipeline by the Chantays
  • Mr. Moto by the Belairs
  • Surfing Safari by the Beachboys

For just about every sport or hobby, there are plentiful tunes that can spice up the celebration and be fun for all your guests.

Consider your Wedding Theme

Wedding themes have become more popular and couples are really enjoying playing with the idea of incorporating a theme into their celebration. Some of the favorites are:

  • Hollywood musicals, past or present-Imagine using Sound of Music or Cats for your wedding theme. The possibilities are literally endless.
  • Disney movies-What was your favorite? Lion King, Cars, Lady & the Tramp would all transform an ordinary wedding into a fun bash. Where else could a bride dressed like a mermaid be the center of attention?
  • Sci-Fi. Imagine a wedding party dressed like the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Be Imaginative

Of course, it is best to keep things tasteful but couples these days are tired of the same old boring wedding ceremonies. They’re ready to go out on a limb and really turn their wedding into the fun event of the year for family and guests. One very unusual bride and groom recently used the “Zombies” theme in their wedding. Guests were stunned, amazed and amused and the whole ceremony was unforgettable.

Some Tips

If your budget allows it, you can opt for live music but many couples go with a talented local DJ. Most DJs are very cool about accommodating any musical requirements but remember to start looking early in order to schedule the best ones. A great live band or DJ can make or break your party. Be sure to discuss all the details and ask for a contract that outlines what the performer will provide and the prices.