Greetings from Nashville…

I have been away from blogging because I often forget, because I have a 3 and 5 year old, and because we have moved…again!  I started this business when I lived in California, we then moved to Tennessee, then to Michigan, then Pennsylvania and now we are back where we started.  My husband and I met at age 15 and knew we would get married someday.  We have also had the pleasure of living in Rhode Island and Florida as well as all the other states mentioned.  I never really cared where the journey took us, as long as it was with my husband, I could be happy in a shoebox.  OK, I lie, i do like a cozy house and an even cozier bed.

As all of you prepare to start your lives with your loved ones, you get to select a style all your own for your home.  Mine, until recently, has been “hand-me-down chic” meaning I very recently bought my first piece of furniture…it took 8 years of marriage.  Choose pieces that will be functional in many different houses, as I assure you, your first will not be your last.  And be sure you check out some of the amazing blogs.

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