Four Top Wedding Reception Splurges

top wedding reception splurges When planning a wedding budget, it can be challenging to decide which items to skimp on, and which ones deserve a little extra cash thrown their way. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, and discovered the top four items experts consider worth the extra splurge on your big day!


Once the wedding is over, your photos are the best way to remember your special day. Many couples try to skimp on photography since it can be one of the more expensive items to book. However, experts say it is worth shelling out a little extra for the photographer of your dreams to ensure you have beautiful, timeless photos you can look back on and share with friends and family. Is your favorite photographer out of the budget? Kristen Klein of Bridal Guide suggests checking with them about custom packages, or only purchasing a disk of high-resolution photos to print after your budget has had time to recover from your wedding spending.


Popular wedding planning website The Knot cites lighting as their number one item to splurge on when planning a wedding reception. Lighting is an easy way to transform any venue into a romantic, dreamy space for your guests to enjoy your reception. In addition to creating the perfect ambiance, the right lighting can also distract guests from details in your venue that may not be ideal. Afterall, everything looks better in dim lighting!


A top-notch DJ or band is another wedding reception splurge that experts agree is worth the extra money. When it is all said and done, the DJ is that one that gets the reception party going and keeps it going all night long. Investing in a seasoned DJ or band is an easy way to ensure your reception is a high-energy event filled with happy guests!


Yes, an open bar may be one of the more expensive items to invest in, but it will keep guests happy and the mood high all night long. According to experts, having a cash bar and expecting your guests to purchase their own drinks is poor etiquette. In fact, wedding photographer, Thomas Robert Clarke, told the Huffington Post that “asking your guests to pay is just not cool and is the fastest way to end your reception early.” Full bar not in the budget? That is perfectly okay! Instead, offer guests several beer and wine options, and consider choosing one or two signature drinks to spend on.

After hosting the perfect wedding reception it is also important to end your wedding on a high note. However, after splurging on key wedding reception expenses like a talented photographer, beautiful mood lighting, a high-energy DJ or band, and an open bar for guests to enjoy, you may not want to invest a ton of money in this detail. This is why we love wedding sparklers as a fun and memorable wedding send-off idea. They are an affordable and easy detail that doesn’t involve a huge investment and is guaranteed to end your wedding in a way you will remember forever.