Five Pointers for the Perfect Spring Wedding – 2022/2023

perfect spring wedding

Blooming flowers, chirping birds, and warmer, brighter days with pointers for the perfect spring wedding make spring one of the most romantic times of year for a wedding. There are many benefits to planning a spring wedding including beautiful seasonal flowers, warm evenings made extra dreamy with twinkle lights, candles, sparklers, and endless spring-theme options. Here are five tips to ensure you have the ultimate spring wedding:

1. Keep In Mind Spring Weather Can Be Unpredictable

Ideally, your wedding day will be the perfect 70 degrees with sunshine and a lovely breeze. However, spring weather is hard to predict and can change within the blink of an eye. This is why it is crucial to plan for all scenarios.

If your wedding is outdoors, don’t despair! There are many ways to accommodate guests—no matter what the weather. Some ideas include using canopies or tents in case of rain, renting heat lamps in case the weather dips, and providing guests with pashminas and umbrellas in case of cooler weather or rain.

More importantly, if it does decide to rain, don’t forget that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck in many cultures! It also adds a romantic touch to your special day and makes for beautiful photos.

2. Dress In Layers

On a similar note, it is important to keep temperamental weather patterns in mind when planning attire for yourself and your wedding party. Nothing can ruin your big day more quickly than being uncomfortable if cooler weather or rain moves in.

Instead of opting for sleeveless wedding dress options, you may want to consider many of the elegant and beautiful dress options with sleeves. This can also be a great excuse to invest in stylish wedding accessories for your wedding party!

3. Embrace Seasonal Flowers

One benefit of a spring wedding is that the seasonal flower possibilities are endless! Some of the most popular spring wedding flower options include hyacinths, roses, daisies, lilies, and tulips—all of which should be in full bloom during the spring wedding season.

Want to mix it up a little? For early spring weddings, crocuses, snowdrops, and cherry blossoms are whimsical options that will be at peak season. If you are planning a late spring wedding, peonies and sweet peas make lovely options and are also available in a wide range of colors that should work with any color scheme.

4. Consider a Spring-Themed Wedding Favor

Wedding experts suggest embracing the season and adding a touch of spring to every aspect of your wedding—your favors included. One idea we love is sending your guests off with little containers filled with planted spring bulbs that will remind them of your wedding when they grow. Another romantic spring wedding favor is packets of flower seeds personalized with your wedding date.

5. Use The Warmer Temperatures For An Outdoor Send Off

You know we love a good outdoor wedding send-off, and the warmer weather sets the stage for dramatic outdoor exits that may not have been an option in the cooler months. Fireworks, glow sticks, and wedding sparklers are all lovely send-off options that will illuminate your grand exit on a warm spring evening.

If you do decide to incorporate sparklers into your spring wedding reception or send-off, we offer a wide variety of high-quality options, including 36-inch sparklers and 20-inch sparklers, that will add a sparkling and memorable touch to your big day.

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