Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

sparklers prepared on a table with matches

There are so many things to love about fall, including the cooler temperatures, crisp air, seasonal flavors, beautiful foliage, and festive decor. If you are planning a wedding this season, your options for fall wedding favors are limitless, thanks to the many scents and flavors associated with the season. Still looking for the perfect favors for your guests? Here are a few festive fall wedding favor ideas to try out on your big day.

Scented Candles

One of the best things about fall is the variety of delicious aromas that come along with the season including pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, maple, and more. This is why we love the idea of gifting seasonally scented candles as a fall wedding favor. Fall scented candles are also a perfect favor for couples on a budget as you can easily make your own DIY candles.

Seasonal Sweet Treats

When it comes to fall wedding favor ideas, you cannot go wrong with seasonal flavors. There are a wide range of delicious and popular foods and flavors that come along with the cooler temperatures! Brides.com has a comprehensive guide of fall food favors with ideas including gifting guests with jars of local apple butter, pumpkin-shaped cake pops, or bundles of leaf-shaped cookies.

Something Cozy

There is something about fall that makes us all want to curl up under a warm blanket with a good book. So why not help your guests stay cozy this season by opting for a cozy favor like a scarf or blanket? An added bonus is that your guests can use these items to keep warm during your reception if the temperatures dip a little bit lower than expected. Gifting your wedding party with favors? Cozy slippers are something your bridesmaids and groomsmen will use for years to come.

Warm Beverages

Autumn is definitely the season of warm seasonal beverages (pumpkin spice latte anyone?), so why not gift your guests with something warm to sip on as they remember all the fun they had at your wedding reception? Some fun and easy ideas include apple cider mix packaged with cinnamon sticks, tea bags wrapped up in cute boxes, or even packages of hot cocoa paired with mini marshmallows. Depending on the budget you could even package any of these beverages in a personalized wedding mug.

Sparklers with Personalized Match Boxes

How cute are these matchbooks personalized to include the couple’s initials? A fun fall wedding favor idea to end a long evening of food and drinks is to gift your guests with sparklers and a keepsake matchbook that they can take home with them after your grand wedding exit. If you decide to go this route, we suggest creating a festive display like this couple, so that it can double as decor during your reception.

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