Coldplay uses my sparklers!

Sparklers at the Coldplay concert

Yes, the smart team of Coldplay Productions ordered sparklers from www.sparklersonline.com.  Unreal!  Here’s the story…

Two weeks ago, Marguerite, production manager with the band Coldplay ordered sparklers online from our site.  These celebrities…so discrete!    Being a huge Coldplay fan already, I could not resist my curiosity to contact her and ask how they would be used (you can imagine the things running through my head).  Sweet Marguerite would not tell me exactly, but instead put our names on the guest list for the concert in Nashville – where we were vacationing that week.   To start off the show, each band member (including the adorable Chris Martin…you know, husband to Gwyneth and father to Apple and Moses) arrived on stage in a dark arena to screaming fans carrying a 20 inch sparkler.  What a way to kick off the evening!  When I tell you I have never been to a better concert, I truly mean it.  These guys are insanely talented and put on the most amazing show.  The sparklers are a part of every show, so visit www.coldplay.com and go to the concert!

Many thanks to Marguerite – the show was simply amazing!