6 Famous Summer Wedding Tips You Must Know

summer wedding tips

If you are looking for summer wedding tips, you are not alone! Summer is the most popular wedding season of the year thanks to longer days, warmer temperatures, outdoor venues, and the promise of sunny weather. Although Summer is a beautiful season to have a wedding, some issues can come along with it. Here are a few summer wedding tips to ensure you beat the heat and plan your perfect wedding day.

Provide shaded areas for guests

Nothing can beat a warm, sunny wedding day. However, be sure to set up comfortable seating in shaded areas so that guests (and you!) can cool off and take a break if they become overheated.

Offer guests warm-weather essentials

If you are opting for an outdoor wedding, it is important to provide summer essentials like bug spray, sunscreen, and electronic or paper fans for your guests. Making sure they have everything that they need to stay cool and comfortable will ensure they have a great time. You can even make personalized fans like these that can double as party favors.

Ensure your guests stay hydrated

When hosting a hot, summer wedding it is important to set up plenty of drink stations to make sure your guests don’t get dehydrated in the heat. In addition to a fun warm-weather cocktail, we suggest setting up dispensers of classic beverages like tea, lemonade, and water.

Consider a location that offers indoor and outdoor spaces

Yes, one of the main perks of planning a summer wedding is that you get to utilize beautiful outdoor spaces. However, in addition to the potential of being too hot for some guests, summer weather can also be unpredictable, and you never know when a thunderstorm might roll in. To get the best of both worlds, consider booking an indoor/outdoor location.

Choose your flowers wisely

Another perk of choosing to have a summer wedding is the wide variety of floral options that are available during this season. When deciding on your flowers, be sure to keep the heat in mind and pick flowers that will hold up well even in sweltering conditions. Be sure to keep your flowers out of the heat and sunlight until right before the event to ensure optimal freshness.

Embrace the outdoor space

If you have chosen to plan an outdoor summer wedding be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities for fun that come with an outdoor venue! Try setting up yard games like cornhole, giant Jenga, and croquet. When it comes to wedding send-off ideas, having an outdoor event opens up many options that may not always work for indoor spaces like bubbles, silly string, sky lanterns, and sparklers!

If you decide to incorporate a little magic into your send-off with sparklers, be sure to check out our selection of wedding sparklers that will work beautifully for your summer wedding.