4 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes Solved

common wedding planning mistakes

Photo Credit: Andres Valenzuela Photos

When it comes to planning weddings, there are certain mistakes that we see time and time again. That’s why we decided to create a post on common wedding mistakes and gather the best advice on how to avoid these issues when it comes to planning your special day. Read on to learn about the top four wedding planning mistakes and the easy ways to avoid making them!

1. Going with the cheapest vendors without doing research

Yes, sticking to your budget is one of the most important things you can do when planning a wedding; however, this doesn’t mean you should choose the cheapest options for everything without doing a little bit of research.

They say you get what you pay for, and this is definitely true when it comes to choosing your wedding vendors. The Huffington Post suggests you choose wedding vendors as you would choose any other big-ticket purchase like a car, appliances, or a new phone: with lots of research.

The internet is a great resource for learning more about your options, however, one of the best ways to ensure you choose wisely is to get recommendations from friends and industry insiders, as well as by meeting with the vendors one-on-one to see if you like their work. This may mean not opting for the cheapest option, but it will be worth it in the long run.

2. Lacking a backup plan for inclement weather

Although a healthy dose of optimism is key when it comes to planning your big day, one of the most common wedding planning mistakes is assuming that your wedding day will be crystal clear, without a cloud in the sky. In reality, you never know what the weather will be – especially if you are planning six months to a year in advance.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, put down deposits on tents, umbrellas, and other rainy-day essentials. It’s true that this may end up costing you more for items you may not even need, but Martha Stewart Weddings suggests viewing it as “an investment in your peace of mind.”

3. Failing to stick to a schedule

Although it is not always the case, wedding planning often tends to fall to the bride. Even if you are the primary planner in the relationship, it is important to get your significant other’s input while planning your big day to make sure it is an event that represents you both.

The wedding planning experts behind Style Me Pretty suggest asking for your significant other’s opinion as you plan, to ensure they have input. If something stands out as important to them, let them take over that aspect of planning. This will result in a wedding ceremony and reception that reflects you as a couple.

4. Not having a clear endpoint

One of the most common wedding planning mistakes you can make is failing to set a clear endpoint to your reception. This can leave the party dragging into the night, with guests aimlessly drifting off before your grand exit.

An easy way to avoid this problem is by planning an official wedding exit and letting your guests know the plan in advance. If your wedding send off involves wedding sparklers, we suggest setting up a fun display that clearly tells guests when you plan to leave. This will not only keep guests from leaving early since they will have a clear endpoint in mind, it will also ensure your wedding goes out with a bang!