4 Common Wedding Mistakes and Easy Ways to Avoid Them

4 common wedding mistakes Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! Before you dive headfirst into wedding planning, it is important to know some of the most common wedding planning mistakes that couples make to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes on your big day. Read on to learn four of the most common wedding mistakes, and some easy ways to avoid them.

1. Not creating a rainy day backup plan

When planning an outdoor wedding, many couples forget to factor in the chance of inclement weather. Since putting down deposits to reserve tents, umbrellas, and other rainy-day essentials can be costly, many couples choose to cross their fingers and hope for the best. However, this is a recipe for disaster!

Wedding planning experts suggest booking tents and other items that you might need in the case of rain six to nine months in advance. If you wait until it is close enough to your wedding date to predict the weather, many companies may already be booked up—especially if it is peak season. Think of reserving worst-case scenario tents and supplies as an investment in your wedding, and ultimately your peace of mind.

2. Booking your venue before finalizing your guest list

According to The Knot, the first and foremost planning priority for every wedding should be the guest list. One of the main reasons for tackling this task first is to avoid booking a venue that is too small (or too large) for your final guest list.

The wedding photographers behind LeahAndMark & Co. say this is one of the most common wedding planning mistakes that they encounter in their work, pointing out that, “you definitely do not want to book a venue that can’t hold everyone. And you don’t want to pay for lots of empty, unused space.”

3.  Not planning (and sticking to) a budget

Another common mistake couples make is jumping into their wedding planning without creating a budget. Planning a wedding you can afford is an important part of starting your new life together, and you do not want overspending and debt to be a source of tension as you begin your life of wedded bliss.

Instead, experts suggest sitting down and planning a budget before doing any other planning. Be sure to discuss the budget with family members, like your parents, that may be planning to contribute to your big day so that you can plan accordingly. Once you have a budget in place, stick to it! This may involve choosing certain areas to splurge and certain areas to cut back. By creating a budget and making compromises to stick to it, you will be doing yourselves a big favor in the long run.

4. Letting the reception drag

You heard us right! There is such a thing as too much fun. Wedding planning expert Calder Clark told Martha Stewart Weddings that, “industry insiders agree that a five-hour reception is the tip-top of what people can enjoy and still exit laughing.” To avoid your reception dragging on too long, Calder suggests planning a natural ending to the night.

For many, the perfect ending to their big day is a ceremonious send-off with rice, glow sticks, confetti, or sparklers! By having your guests gather for a formal exit, you are creating a clear and festive endpoint for the night.

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