3 Ways Extra Long Sparklers Can Help You Have an Extra Fun Night

fun wedding sparklers Every event planner, amateur or professional, is always looking for an edge to make their next party better than the last and impossible to top. So many ideas have been recycled and worn out over the years that it’s easy to feel like you have run out of options when trying to come up with that one special touch for your event.

The best way to light up your event is to literally “light it up” with sparklers. While the 20 inch sparklers are extremely enjoyable, there is a certain aura to extra long sparklers that just seems to leave everyone in awe. These 36 inch sparklers stand out from the rest and will have everybody at your party clamoring, begging to know where you got the idea. Here are three great reasons that you should consider extra long sparklers for your next event:

1. Fun for all ages
 Whether you are celebrating your child’s third birthday or your grandfather’s retirement, everybody enjoys the bright spectacle of extra long sparklers. Kids and adults alike love cake sparklers and your guests will be green with envy when they see how much more fun they are than traditional candles.

2. Extremely safe
 You won’t need to worry about your kids being safe when they play with their sparklers. There are indoor sparklers as well as smokeless sparklers, both of which are available in the extra long variety.

3. The perfect wedding send-off
 Sparklers are great for any occasion, but you can really have the night of your dreams by passing them out to your wedding guests. You usually only need to order enough for about 75% of guests to make sure everybody who wants a sparkler gets one. Also, a growing number of weddings take place outdoors (about 35%), so lighting up the sky with extra long sparklers towards the end of the reception is a beautiful way to cap off your special night.

When you’re looking for that extra something to take your event to the next level, look no further than extra long sparklers. They are safe, fun, and the type of thing that creates memories to last a lifetime.