Smokeless Sparklers

Guarantee from Sparklers Online Founder

It is a true honor that you have chosen to click on my website, and that you want to learn the absolute most you can about my company. I have so much pride in this business because I started it when I was pregnant with my first child, hoping it would be something that would allow me to support my family while being a mom to an infant. I knew that I had an amazing sparkler – one that was durable was well packaged for shipping, was available in multiple sizes and something that would provide much joy to weddings. While I know it is often the bride and groom, sometimes a mother of the bride, or mother in law who decide to order or call me with information. But what I always enjoy reminding them is that the wedding guests will all have a blast with the sparklers as well. Try handing a sparkler at a wedding to adult and not see them smile. Simply impossible! I am most grateful that this business has become my full-time career, that I have been able to provide a fun and affordable addition to tens of thousands of weddings!

smoke free sparklers

The top 10 reasons in Why Choose Our Sparklers from my company are all legitimate. I would first like you to understand that the idea of sparklers at weddings was created by me. Sounds like I am bragging – well maybe just a hint. Please forgive me. I am super flattered the idea caught on and that 15 years later, brides are still wanting to order sparklers from me. It does break my heart when a customer has ordered from a competitor and found out that the company was fake. Who does that? The customer has had money deducted from their bank account but they have not received a shipping confirmation or any confirmation at all. Then when these sweet customers are trying to determine if the sparklers are in the way, they simply cannot get anyone to answer the phones or emails. I know it sounds like I am badmouthing other companies, but when we are not allowed to overnight sparklers, and a customer calls 2 days before the wedding, we just wish these first of all they had ordered from us and second that the companies would be penalized for being fake. Enough of my rant.

Another issue I would like to point out is, mistakes. We resolve mistakes immediately – then start the process to find out what has happened to preserve the wedding sparklers arriving on time. After 15 years of using the same supplier, shipper and my knowledge, sparkler mistakes do not happen often. But some of the things that can happen are that the wrong size sparklers are sent, the sparklers are loaded onto the UPS truck and never scanned (this one drives me NUTS!), UPS is requiring a signature (we do not ever request one), an “unexpected delay” warning comes from UPS with little explanation. To fix these issues with UPS, we usually have to start an investigation that takes about 10 days. I can promise you that in the over 100 investigations of sparklers being loaded and not scanned I have done over 15 years, one time…ONE TIME…the sparklers have been found! To work around that, we IMMEDIATELY send replacements. You have a wedding date for goodness sakes. We will happily send a replacement, then start the investigation and try to see what has happened with the wedding sparklers. You do not have time to wait for UPS to look around and see if the wedding sparklers can be found.

I do take a lot of pride in being female owned and setting the example to my son and daughter that I am a woman who works, that I am an entrepreneur. I have them help me with billing, filing, packing orders, and love that they have a sense of what I do each day and how hard I work to have excellent customer service. They listen on the phone if I am speaking to a customer in the car on our way home from school and I can see their eyes looking at me and then my son will whip out the ipad knowing he needed to look up a zip code for shipping. Little things like that make me proud to be a female owned business.