Sparklers in the Sixth Century!?

Fireworks have been popular all over the world for hundreds of years and most people know that the Chinese people are credited with first inventing them. But how about the sparkler? The sparkler is said to have been derived from an early version of the Roman Candle invented in the sixth century.

The people of China have always believed in celebrating holidays. From Chinese New Year to the Dragon Dance, the Chinese culture is all about celebrating life, good fortune, fertility and others. It was only natural that they would invent a way to extend and broaden their ability to celebrate things.

The very first sparkler was called a Cherosiphon and it was invented in AD 670 by a citizen of Heliopolis named Callinicos. His invention was originally intended as a weapon known as “Greek fire” and it was used on approaching enemy ships. Later, it was adapted for use as a celebratory instrument used on festive occasions.

The ingredients that make a sparkler burn consist of a chemical mixture of fuel combined with an oxidizer. Iron, aluminum, zinc, magnesium dust and steel are also added to create those shimmering sparks that cascade downward when the sparkler is lit. The ingredients are mixed with water to form a slurry. Then a metal stick or rod is coated with the mixture and left to dry.

While the sparklers that you can buy around 4th of July each year are fairly cheap and only burn for a minute or so, today you can find much higher quality sparklers. These have become popular at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or any celebration where friends and family get together to have fun.

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