When you hatch an idea to use sparklers at weddings, it is an incredible honor to have those sparklers featured in national and local publications.  These publications have been ones that have believed in our idea of sparklers at weddings from the start and have continued to promote us year after year.  While we sell sparklers mostly for weddings, to be used as a sparkler sendoff or a sparkler exit, some people use them for the first dance or simply as wedding favors for their guests.  What has been incredibly fun to watch is the sparklers used in TV advertisements such as Southwest Airlines and in Academy Award winning movies such as Ladybird.  Speaking with these production assistants who order the wedding sparklers for this use is always a hoot.  They always need them “yesterday” and are always very sneaky about who and what they are for.  Regardless, opening a piece of press and seeing your heart and soul poured across the pages makes a girl happy.  In each of these thumbnails below, you will see 10 inch sparklers displayed on plates as favors and name pieces.  You will see nationally recognized wedding planners recommending the use of sparklers at weddings for a unique and festive touch for the sendoff.  You will also see brides and grooms basking in the glow of our 20 inch sparklers and 36 inch sparklers at the end of their magical wedding night.  Enjoy.


Wedding sparkler send off suggested by InStyle Weddings

InStyle Weddings

Well, I will have to admit that the picture I am displaying does not zoom in enough to tell you anything about why I have this magazine displayed in my press.  I could tell you almost anything that it says - but I simply will stick with the truth on this one.  15 years ago when I had the idea to have all of my guests hold a sparkler at my wedding instead of blowing bubbles or throwing rice (sadly it was not yet frowned upon in 1999), i just thought it would be a fun way to end the night.  Little did I realize I would be creating an industry that would provide me with a career - and lots of competition copying my idea.  Yuck!  alas, when a magazine I respect suggested ordering sparklers for your wedding sendoff, I certainly was proud and honored.  So basically above it says to order sparklers from me with my oh so clever website name listed.

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