Wedding Sparkler Video Gallery

Using Sparklers for Send Offs in Wedding Videos

Nothing better captures these amazing, long-lasting sparklers than seeing them in action!  It’s funny because we try our very best to name these sparklers something that will absolutely make you understand what they are and their size.  We know that ordering wedding sparklers is often a first for many brides and mothers of the brides, so we do our best to help you understand that these are large sparklers, these are silver sparklers, these are sparklers that burn the color of a candle flame and that these are long-lasting sparklers.

However, nothing helps us showcase our 36-inch sparklers and 20-inch sparklers better than a video of an actual wedding sendoff.  We understand that there are many options for wedding sendoff ideas and want to make it a possibility that couples will consider sparklers.  I know when the bride and groom have an opportunity to see the video of these beautiful wedding sparklers, that their mind will be made up.  We hope that you enjoy these videos of sparklers as much as we do.  It is a special treat for us to get a sneak peek into a couple’s special night.

If you have some of your own wedding sparkler videos you’d like posted, please let us know.