The Original Sparkler Company

What does that mean?  The Original Sparkler Company?  It’s simple, really.  10 years ago, we were the first company to offer sparklers online to the wedding industry – or any industry for that matter.  How I wish I had a screen shot of that original website.  Most people had never heard of using sparklers at weddings and it was my mission to make this a valuable option. Clearly, it worked!  It was in 2003 that I remember scrambling to get my wedding sparkler website – www.SparklersOnline.com up in time for my super expensive advertisement in Martha Stewart Weddings.  The photo on the home page was of my husband and me on our wedding day in 1999 using sparklers.  He is wearing seersucker pants that are soaked – really soaked – as a drunk friend spilled the two beers on him she had gotten for the busy couple.  We could have cared less!  Thank you for visiting our site.  I hope you are mesmerized by the amazing photos sent in from brides all across the United States.

Below is the photo of my husband and myself.  Good thing he did not forget his suitcase.  When we say this was our send-off, it was our send-off.  Surely one of those wedding guests could have offered to help us with our luggage!  His sister is pinching him on the bottom.  13 years later, we are true BFFs.  The guy sitting on the steps lives in Russia with a Russian wife and baby.  And it looks as if other guests were ready to leave too.  I can see one of my husband’s Navy friends holding is polyester whites.  (It was 97 the day of my wedding in Nashville, TN).

P.S. – we Photoshopped the pants so they would not look so wet.

It all started this night…