Children in Weddings

You have planned the perfect wedding – all the details are in place…the wedding sparklers (of course), the dress, the menu.  Now you have to prepare for the children.  Some welcome children at weddings, others can think of nothing worse.  If you are having flower girls and a ring bearer, you must prepare.  They HAVE […]

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Black and White

I love of black and white photography.  My mom does not.  Growing up, we would never in a million years load our camera with black and white film – that was for photography class at Harpeth Hall (my high school in Nashville).  Maybe because my mom simply cannot bear the thought of a photo without […]

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Sparkler Spread

Now often I have people ask me why our wedding sparklers are the best.  Simple – sparkler spread.  Now I understand that is a strange term and is one I think I created myself.  But basically it is how wide and big the spread of “sparkles” are when the wedding sparkler is lit.  There are […]

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