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For many expectant parents, finding out the gender of your baby can be just as exciting as finding out you’re pregnant. The celebration of revealing a baby’s gender with Gender Reveal Sparklers, either at a party or across social media, has been around for many years and can be easily adapted to your needs and wants. Whatever way you choose to announce your baby’s gender, it’s a beautiful occasion to gather together family and friends to celebrate your family growing a little bigger. With that being said, we have put together a few safe and fun ways you can announce your baby’s gender!

How to Organize Gender Reveal Sparklers Event


One of the most popular gender reveal tactics, which has been around for a while, has to do with cakes. A party without cake is just a meeting, so make sure you’ve got a cake to share with everyone in attendance.

When you order the cake, you can have the baker dye the cake layers, use colored frosting inside, or even make a piñata cake where the center of it is filled with candy that is color-coded to tell you and your guests whether you’re having a boy or a girl. The same can be done with cupcakes as well if you prefer those instead of having to cut up a cake for all your guests.

Another way to step that cake up a notch is to add sparklers to the cake for decoration. While our sparklers do not come in different colors, the 10-inch sparklers are perfect for adding to a cake to give it the perfect amount of sparkle as you’re taking pictures just before cutting into the cake.

Desert table under wedding gifts


Whether you’re popping them or releasing them from a box, using colored balloons is a quick and easy way to deliver the big announcement. One popular thing to do is to get a giant black balloon and add color-coded glitter or confetti to it so that when it pops, everyone finds out whether the newest member of the family will be a boy or a girl.

If you’re not a fan of glitter or confetti, then maybe you want to opt for the balloon release idea. This method involves adding pink or blue balloons to a lightly-sealed box so that when it’s opened, the helium-filled balloons will float out, revealing the gender of your newest family member.

Maybe, you want a gender reveal activity that is a little more active and suspenseful? Then how about attaching black balloons on a board and filling just one of them with blue or pink paint. Then the bride and groom can take turns popping them until they find the one with the colored paint in it.

Gender Reveal Balloon

Silly String

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind a bit of a mess, especially when everyone is having a lot of fun, then maybe silly string would be a good option for your gender reveal party!

When it comes time to announce the gender of the baby, have all or some of your guests spray you with pink or blue silly string. Not only will the photos of this be amazing and fun to look at, using silly string will be even more fun for your guests who are now able to get in on the fun a little! The cans of silly string you hand out can either have the labels removed, or you can cover the labels with a custom design label. This way, it will be a surprise for the parents of the baby and the guests.

Silly String


While we don’t offer colored sparklers, there are plenty of ways that you can use sparklers at the party itself. Sparklers can be included in centerpieces and on serving tables as décor when unused. There are plenty of beautiful sparkler buckets to place unused sparklers in with bows to present the sparklers. Before placing them in the bucket, be sure to attach individual notes to each of the sparklers. You can create a customized message that is a thank you for attending or a tease as to whether it will be revealed that the baby is a girl or boy. If you don’t wish to use buckets for displaying your sparklers, you might also consider using the sparklers with attached notes for place settings, so guests know where to take a seat upon arrival.

And what if you’re not having a party, but you still want to post some fun announcement photos on your social media accounts to let people know about the new addition to your family? Sparklers could be an excellent option for that! Find a photographer who knows how to photograph someone writing with sparklers. Then you and your partner can write out “Boy” or “Girl” in sparkling, brilliant light!

Sparkler Writing


Now here’s an idea that the whole group can get in on! Order a piñata in your favorite animal shape or maybe in the form of a baby’s onesie and have the vendor fill it with candies that would signify the gender of your baby.

You could have them fill it with color-coded candies, like ones with pink or blue wrappers, and combine those with some colored confetti. Or, you could go with sweets that have boy or girl names. For example, you could get a piñata filled with Baby Ruths for a girl or something like Clark Bars or Mike & Ikes for a boy! Certain candy companies will even let you special order customized candy with specific wrapper colors so that you can get precisely the kind of candy you want.


Which Sparklers to Use for Your Gender Reveal

If you decide to use sparklers in some way at your baby’s gender reveal party, you’ll want to consider which kind to get. The answer to that question will vary depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re planning to write words in the air and capture beautiful photographs, you’ll most likely want the longest burn time, which means the biggest sparklers available, the 36-inch sparklers. From there, the burn time and size of the sparklers descend to 20-inch sparklers and 10-inch sparklers.

Display intent may also come into play when deciding on the size of sparklers perfect for your gender reveal party. If you’re planning to lay them down on top of dishware to signal a place setting, or if you want to put them in your single layer cake –you may want to choose the 10-or 20-inch sparklers so that they do not awkwardly stand too tall.

Alternatively, if you want to place your sparklers in a bucket or centerpiece to act as décor when not in use, you may need to modify the size of the sparkler to fit the bucket. We sell 11-inch sparkler buckets and 18-inch sparkler buckets, which means we have sizes to accommodate your chosen sparkler size.

Other sparklers we have available for your gender reveal party includes heart-shaped sparklers. These lovely sparklers make for a great photo opportunity to truly symbolize the love that your family addition will bring. If you want to impress little ones with a symbol universally recognized, these heart-shaped sparklers are a perfect choice.

When should I do my gender reveal if I am using sparklers?

Using sparklers during the night is the best for both the in-person experience and for photos. This is because the sparklers will contrast better with a dark backdrop like the night sky to show up effectively. As such, we recommend doing the entire gender reveal at night, especially if you’re using the sparklers to write out the baby’s gender. If the sparklers are only meant to add a pop of color to the party and not be the mode of announcing, you might choose to do your reveal during dusk or have it overlap with the nighttime.

Congratulations to all the Expecting Couples

We want to congratulate all expecting couples and wish them a happy and healthy journey toward welcoming their little ones. Sparklers Online also hopes for a fantastic gender reveal party. Whatever method you use to announce to friends and loved ones the bundle of joy you’ll soon welcome, don’t forget to add a little bit of sparkle and magic where you can. If you have any questions or concerns regarding purchasing sparklers or need some inspiration, please feel free to contact us!


What are some creative ways to use sparklers in a gender reveal celebration?

You can use sparklers to create a dramatic effect during a gender reveal by having guests hold sparklers and light them at the same time, revealing the gender of the baby. Another idea is to write “boy” or “girl” in the air with sparklers while taking photos or videos.

Are sparklers safe to use during a gender reveal celebration?

Sparklers can be safe to use during a gender reveal celebration as long as you follow basic safety precautions. Make sure the area is well-ventilated and keep a bucket of water or sand nearby in case of emergency. Additionally, avoid using sparklers near flammable materials, and make sure all guests know how to properly handle sparklers.

Can I use sparklers indoors for a gender reveal celebration?

It’s not recommended to use sparklers indoors for a gender reveal celebration due to the risk of fire and smoke. Sparklers are designed for outdoor use only and should be used in a well-ventilated area.

What type of sparklers should I use for a gender reveal celebration?

Choose sparklers that are specifically designed for outdoor use and have long handles to reduce the risk of burns. Additionally, select sparklers that burn brightly and for a sufficient amount of time to ensure a dramatic effect during the reveal.

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