Smokeless Sparklers

What Is A Smokeless Sparkler?

Webster’s Dictionary defines a sparkler as a firework that emits little sparks, a person or thing that sparkles (you gorgeous brides, obviously), a sparkling gem, especially a diamond (clearly your wedding ring).

Smokeless is such a funny word. We understand it to mean having less smoke. Webster’s dictionary means it as emitting, producing, or having little or no smoke. Brides want it to mean absolutely positively, not a single bit of smoke.

When you put the two words together, you are basically saying you would like to have a firework that emits sparks to have little or no smoke. Now that makes perfect sense. There is one little catch… that is the sparkler is lit by fire, and there is always a bit of smoke where there is fire. The goal is that it is a negligible amount of smoke. Just as you see smoke rising from a candle flame, you will also see a tiny amount of smoke arising from a wedding sparkler.

We describe a sparkler as one of the most beautiful and inexpensive touches you can add to your wedding day that the bride and groom will enjoy and the wedding guests. A wedding sparkler is really the perfect addition to a wedding. And yes, you can find a smokeless wedding sparkler if you are willing to be realistic about the actual word smokeless.

Why Do We Love Smokeless Sparklers?

We did a bit of research before we started this wedding sparkler company. We wanted to know the best sparkler on the market that would produce the most amazing moment and photos in the end for that perfect wedding exit or sendoff. We tried some of our colored sparklers, thinking that perhaps we could customize them for the desired effect. Sadly those sparklers were not suitable for weddings and burned more like a torch than with the pretty wide sparkle effect we were hoping to achieve with wedding sparklers. We were also hoping for a long wedding sparkler, and the colored sparklers were only 10 inches long with a burn time of only 45 seconds. We then decided to try the morning glory sparklers. The one immediate negative I saw about those sparklers is that they were not suitable for weddings because of their dominant magenta color handle and paper wrappings. While we actually enjoy the color magenta, we did not want it in sparklers for weddings. They are also made of paper and wood – the exact opposite of what you want to produce a smokeless wedding sparkler.

That left me with the wire sparklers that have been made for hundreds of years, by hand, in China. These sparklers are an easy choice for weddings because they come in various sizes, meaning a variety of price points and burn times. We also understood that people do not order sparklers for weddings every day and that it is complicated to order a product that you do not fully understand. That left us with the wedding sparkler guarantee. We decided that someone could return sparklers at any time (we have had people return wedding sparklers 2 years later). For any reason (obvious reasons are rain, changed minds, someone else already bought sparklers) and even if every single sparkler had been used. We take the risk of customers finding some reason to return these wedding sparklers from saying the sparklers were not long-lasting enough, that there was smoke, that they were silver in color, not gold like the box, that they wished they were gold in color, not silver. But, we can tell you that after 15 years, not a single person has asked to receive the wedding sparkler guarantee. That would include any amount of smoke brides see in their wedding photos months after the fact. Not a single wedding sparkler refund was requested.

See Our Smokeless Sparklers in Action!

Please take a look at our wedding sparkler photo gallery. These photos are from our happy customers – the very people who chose a wedding date before you – ha! These customers adore their photos so much that they have shared their wedding sparkler photos with us to show off to you that there is little or no smoke with the sparklers. We would be willing to bet they would support my idea of calling these smokeless wedding sparklers. At least 50% of the couples who use our smokeless wedding sparklers use the photo from their wedding sendoff as a thank you card or as a holiday card to their friends and family.

A single moment that then turned into a single photo is how we came up with the idea of starting a business selling sparklers at weddings in the first place. We knew we had a great product, a wire sparkler that did not cause smoke, that was easy to light, and affordable for all budgets. So when we describe our wedding sparklers as smokeless wedding sparklers, we mean that they emit very little smoke. That the smoke is not even something anyone would notice because who does not love sparklers at weddings! So do not worry about this smoke issue one more second. And also, when you order a box of sparklers, try a few! We want to make sure you are thrilled! If you are not, send an email asking for the wedding sparklers guarantee, and we will personally get in contact with you about a refund. We may even say keep the sparklers and pass it along! While these amazing smokeless sparklers may be for you, they also might brighten someone else’s day.

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