36-Inch Wedding Sparklers

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Capture the best memories with the 36-inch sparkler Option!

With our longest wedding sparklers, you and your guests will enjoy a high-quality, smokeless golden sparkle and the longest burn time you’ll find anywhere to create memorable moments on your big day.

Our 36-inch wedding sparklers are:

  • Designed to burn for four minutes
  • Silver in color when unlit
  • A beautiful, warm gold when lit
  • Extra thick
  • Smokeless

PRICE $95.00 per box (48 sparklers)



Our high-quality 36-inch wedding sparklers are among the largest and longest wedding sparkles on the market. These safe, smokeless 36-inch sparklers burn for an impressive four minutes. The extra burn time will allow your photographer to capture those perfect moments with your family and friends and let you create a spectacular exit.

You  also have the option to choose the 20-inche wedding sparklers. They are short in size and cheap in price as compared to 36-inch wedding sparklers.

How Many Do I Need?

For weddings, we recommend one to two 36-inch wedding sparklers per guest to ensure that everyone can participate in the wedding activities and no one is left out.

Why Buy 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers from Sparklers Online?

With over 16 years in the wedding sparkler business, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, smokeless sparklers guaranteed to make any moment of a wedding more memorable. We offer fast, free shipping on all UPS Ground orders. Orders typically arrive within 3–7 business days.

Key Benefits of 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers

  • Long-lasting – With the four-minute burn time, your guests have ample time to light their sparklers.
  • Smokeless – Your wedding photos will be picture-perfect, and your guests will be comfortable.
  • Wedding photographers love them!

Best Uses of 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers

Brides and grooms from all over have shared the many creative ways they’ve incorporated 36-inch sparklers into their weddings. Here are a few of our favorites.

Send-Off Lines and Wedding Exits

Long sparklers truly make your departure from your wedding reception a magical moment. The 36-inch length provides extended burn time that lets the wedding guests create a stunning tunnel of sparklers through which the newlyweds can make their grand wedding exit.

Photo Shoots

Photographers love 36-inch sparklers. The longer burn time allows them plenty of time to frame and take those must-have wedding photos on everyone’s shot list. Your photos will glow with the magical ambiance of golden light emitted by these sparklers. And because our sparklers are smokeless, you never have to worry about smoke ruining a fantastic photo op!

Beautiful Wedding Decorations

Adorn your wedding venue with these long sparklers. Display them in a tall vase embellished with ribbon alongside your guest book, or add them to your table arrangements or centerpieces.

This makes it easy for guests to grab their sparklers leading up to a big moment, such as a grand wedding exit, and eliminates the need for distributing them.

Contact Our Wedding Sparklers Experts

At Sparklers Online, we pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line sparklers at reasonable prices (including free shipping on all orders and same-day shipping for some orders) to those having celebrations all over the United States.

A sparkler’s wedding, birthday party, engagement party, gender reveal party, and any other special occasion will be extra memorable because of the beauty and excitement sparklers can provide.

Our sparklers’ wedding photos have become the go-to for ideas among brides and grooms, and we are sure that a sparkler in the hands of each of your guests will leave an impression they will not soon forget. When some people search for sparklers for weddings, Amazon tends to be at the top of their list, but Sparklers Online has a better selection, quality, price, and shipping than any other seller of sparklers.

Please call (615) 973-6100 with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also email libba@sparklersonline.com or text us at (615) 973-6100. We offer the friendly, professional, and dependable customer service you deserve.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 cm

428 reviews for 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers

  1. Matt Wassum

    Theses sparklers are amazing! They are the perfect size for my wedding and top quality.

  2. Kelsi

    The sparklers were perfect for our send-off!! they lasted so long and the pictures were amazing!! Thank you!

  3. Mary

    Sparklers were a hit!! Thanks!!

  4. Monica

    Great product!! Thanks so much for the fast delivery!!

  5. Melissa

    Sparklers lasted so long and were beautiful!!

  6. Emily

    Loved the sparklers!! They arrived so quickly!!

  7. Kristin

    Great sparklers! They were such a hit!!

  8. Corrie

    Ordering was easy and Shipping was so quick!!

  9. Austin

    Sparklers were beautiful and lasted our entire send-off!!

  10. Jenny

    Amazed at how smokeless these sparklers were!! Highly recommend!

  11. Katina

    The sparklers arrived so quickly and were a huge hit!!!

  12. Meredith

    LOVED the sparklers!!!

  13. Debra

    We used the sparklers for our 4th of July party and they were a total hit!! Thanks so much!! Will be ordering again!

  14. Gale

    Shipping was so quick!! Cant wait to use them!!

  15. Kristin

    Our sparklers were the perfect touch to the close of our celebration. We ordered them last minute and they came so quickly we had them just in time!

  16. Carol

    Simply the best. Fast shipping and great customer service.

  17. Leona

    Easy to order and quickly delivered!! Couldn’t have been easier!

  18. Joan

    Loved the sparklers!! They made for a grand send-off!!

  19. Cindy

    I ordered these as a last minute idea for a small wedding reception held at our house. I wanted to make the send off special for the couple and I was very impressed with the speed of delivery, the quality of the sparkler and the ease of ordering! The guests lined our curved sidewalk and lit the way for the special couple as they took off for their honeymoon. I will definitely use this site again for any future weddings.

  20. Nour

    Big success at our send-off!!

  21. Mary Beth

    Great product and customer service! Thank you!!

  22. Khatera

    Everyone loved the sparklers and they stayed lit for a few minutes!!

  23. Kerry

    LOVED the sparklers!! Such a hit1!

  24. Claudia

    Great customer service!! Made the process a breeze!

  25. Denise

    Worked exactly as described! Thanx!

  26. Cheryl

    SO glad we went with the 36 inch sparklers! The extra length burned so long and was exactly what we needed!

  27. Steve

    Shipped on time and worked great!

  28. Moraima

    Fast shipping and lasted so long!! Will be using them again!!

  29. Julie

    The kids absolutely loved these sparklers at my daughter’s birthday party!!

  30. John

    Sparklersonline was so easy to navigate and shipping was very quick!!

  31. Polly

    Bought these last minute for my daughter’s wedding send-off as a surprise and it could not have turned out better!! She was so excited and it was picture perfect!!

  32. Cassie

    So happy with how quick and easy it was to order the sparklers!! Thank you!!

  33. Jacquelyn

    The sparklers made our send-off so beautiful and fun!!

  34. Amanda

    Have not used the sparklers yet, but they arrived on time and look great!! Thanks so much!

  35. Harley

    Delivery was so quick!!

  36. Nicole

    Ordered last minute and they arrived so fast. Can’t wait to use them for our wedding!! Thank you!!

  37. Beverly

    We received the sparklers so fast and we are so excited to use them in our wedding next month!!

  38. Chana

    Beautiful ending to our special day! Thank you!!

  39. Tory

    SO happy with the customer service and product!!

  40. Tiffany

    Great service and quality! Highly recommend!!

  41. Shani

    The sparklers were a HUGE hit!! Lasted for our whole exit tunnel!!

  42. Becky

    Always fast + easy. We appreciate y’all so much!!

  43. Julie

    Sparklers arrived so quickly and are bigger than I expected! Can’t wait to use them!!

  44. Clifford

    The sparklers lasted 4 minutes as advertised and were smoke free!!

  45. Jane

    Shipping was so fast! Cannot wait to use the sparklers on our special day!!

  46. Desiree

    Loved the sparklers…made our wedding evening photos so exciting!

  47. Whitney

    We loved our sparkler send off! 36 inch size allowed us to get as many pics as we wanted!

  48. Roger

    Extremely pleased with this product. Sparklers were of great quality and well packaged for shipment. Delivery was fast and free!. We was quite pleased with our pictures with the help of the sparklers. I would recommend this product and site.

  49. Megan

    I want to let you know how happy I was with your service and product so I am sending it here as well- I apologize if you receive this twice! As a bride planning a wedding last year and attending to SO many details, I was thrilled with how easy Sparklers Online made this purchase! It was so helpful to deal with a site as easy to manage as yours, and our sparklers were delivered quickly and packaged neatly. We absolutely love how our sparkler pictures turned out- we truly could not have been happier with the service or quality we received from Sparklers Online.

  50. Collette

    36 inch sparklers were perfect for our event! The guests had so much fun with them and they lasted a long time!!

  51. Katie

    Just received our sparklers and cannot wait to use them!! Shipping was so quick and easy!

  52. Claire

    The sparklers were a perfect end to a beautiful evening!! Highly recommend!

  53. Kylee

    Sparklers were a big success!! HIGHLY recommend!!

  54. Larisa

    The pricing and quality cannot be beat!!

  55. Amanda

    Beautiful pics! Huge success! Thankss so much!

  56. Jamie

    The 36 inch sparklers burned for our entire send-off and looked amazing in pictures!! Thank you sparklersonline!

  57. J.R.

    Great product!

  58. Joshua

    Our guests loved the sparkler send-off! Thank you so much!!

  59. Tammy

    We haven’t used the sparklers yet, our son’s wedding is March 15, But ordering and shipping were just great!

  60. Renee

    Arrived on time. Wedding not for two weeks so we haven’t used these yet!

  61. Anne Elizabeth

    Came right on time, thanks!

  62. Linda

    Sparklers arrived quickly and were wonderful at the reception. Certainly a great send off to themarried couple.

  63. Lisa

    Arrived quickly. Don’t need until the end of March but have ordered the same as last wedding and know they will be GREAT!!!

  64. Georgette

    Arrived quickly. Thank you

  65. Maddinah

    The sparklers add a great touch to any wedding. They are fun and youthful way to get all the guests involved. They also help create a really memorable photo opportunity. I had specifically ordered the 36 inch sparklers for my wedding because I had a lot of really young, and some older guests. I was worried if I ordered something smaller, the 75 guests wouldn’t be able to coordinate the proper timing in order for all the sparklers to be going simultaneously. Theses sparklers lasted for at least 4 minutes! it was enough time for an entrance/exit, and still some time for guests to take selfies, snaps, etc. The shipping estimate tool was very accurate in my instance. They arrived on the exact date that they were estimated to arrive! I also contacted the customer service to make sure that date was accurate via email, and received a quick response. There aren’t too many things better than an urgent response for an eager bride. Overall, I am really satisfied with the service and product that I purchased, I would definitely purchase again. The only thing that would be really perfect is having a sparkler in between 20 inches and 36 inches.

  66. Elizabeth

    Very happy with purchase and arrival time!

  67. Kayla

    I had no idea what type of sparklers I needed to order for my daughter’s wedding and I had limited time to make a decision. The photos and detailed descriptions of each size sparkler on the website made choosing very easy and they arrived very fast. I highly recommend sparklersonline.com..

  68. Hope

    These sparklers created such amazing lighting for a once in a lifetime exit from our gorgeous wedding!

  69. Bryce

    We ordered these sparklers at the last minute. Our venue told us that we could have sparklers when we thought we weren’t allowed to have them. This was on the Tuesday before our wedding. Thank you so much for getting them to us on Friday before our rehearsal. We took them with us and they made it so beautiful when we were leaving the night of our wedding! Thank you so much! I have spread the word to my friends about where to order their sparklers for their weddings. We have 5 friends getting married next year! Thanks again so much!

  70. Betty

    Great Product, Fast Delivery! Highly recommended!!

  71. Daislyn

    We used these sparkers at LUXE All Inclusive New Year’s Eve party at Carambola Beach Club in St. Kitts. They worked wonderfully and were a fantastic addition to our party as you can see in the included photo. I recommend this product!

  72. Shelia

    These arrived so quickly! The ordering process was really easy and I am very happy with the sparklers

  73. Lilia

    Sparklers were easy to order, arrived very quickly (I ordered the week of my wedding)! Functioned perfectly. Would order from here again!

  74. Toyin

    Arrived right on time, and were perfect for our wedding pictures!

  75. Victoria

    They were fabulous! They added an extra level of celebratory excitement to our special day!

  76. Kim

    The sparklers turned out amazing! They were exactly what I was hoping for and the pictures with them turned out beautiful! They were great quality, had no problem lighting or staying lit. I had a few order questions after it was placed and they got back to me quickly. Would use them again and again!!

  77. Kelsey

    Everything came on time and they are just what I needed! Can’t wait to use them for our sparkler send off!

  78. Vandana

    Excellent product. Came very quickly and was just as described.

  79. Beth

    I cannot overstate our delight in your product and your delivery. We received the sparklers the day after we ordered. The crowd loved sending off our daughter and her new husband with the “sparkler walk”. Thanks for providing such a great product and customer service! Keep up the great experience for your customers! Beth J”

  80. Shaina

    Highly recommend the 36″ sparklers!

  81. Elyse

    Arrived fast! Worked perfectly! Made the wedding send off fun and picture perfect!

  82. Anne Ray

    The sparkers were a great end to a perfect day! Thank you!

  83. Margaret

    Order came as promised. Thank you for your prompt service

  84. Nikole

    Extremely fast delivery and they burned for a long time!

  85. Elaine

    Worked great! Fun and glowing, ending to a beautiful wedding. Would buy them again. Thank you!

  86. Marilyn

    Libba YOU are the BEST!! You were exactly right on how much I needed to order from my Nephew’s Wedding Day! Your rate chart is too low, haha I would give you a 10 and more. The 36″ were perfect and you were also right about that :0 Picture to follow! You would be cheating yourself if you didn’t order you sparklers from Libba! I thank you so much for all your help:) This Auntie is so happy:)

  87. Kearstin

    Loved the sparklers!! Such a great ending to our wedding!!

  88. Tahsena

    I cannot believe how fast this came. Everything was so perfect. We used it for the wedding entrance. I cant thank you enough for sending this so quickly

  89. Kate

    Fast shipping -cannot wait to use at the wedding in October-Thank you

  90. Rita

    The sparklers arrived as stated. No issues. Lighting these at the end of the night was a perfect send off for bride and groom. It was smiles from kids and adults. A beautiful site to see.

  91. Chelsea

    The sparklers arrived in plenty of time and were package well!

  92. Amy

    My sparklers arrive in just a few days and were long lasting enough for us to exit twice for pictures. They were perfect!

  93. Carolyn

    Absolutely perfect! The sparklers lasted and were practically smokeless! AND, they were BEAUTIFUL in the videos! Thanks so much!

  94. Sara

    Burned for 3.5 mins and that was plenty! They came on time and were exactly as described. Can’t wait for the big day!

  95. Stacy

    Very timely arrival and packaged nicely.

  96. Kimberly

    They burned bright and long for lots of amazing pictures!

  97. Robin


  98. Madison

    Sparklers arrived very quickly and worked exactly as we’d hoped!!

  99. Carly

    Shipped fast!! Won’t be using them until our wedding day, but I’m so excited this was such an easy process to order.

  100. Windy

    Sparkers lasted so long and turned out great in pictures!

  101. Sharon

    We will use our sparklers in a week. Our order process was very easy. The order arrived within days. Thank you!

  102. Lisa

    The product arrived on time, and is in excellent condition. Very pleased!

  103. Secada

    We absolutely loved having the sparklers for our grand exit! Our guests especially loved them and it just made what was already a wonderful day even more amazing!

  104. Kit

    Product arrived quickly and were just what we wanted. Thank you for the great experience!

  105. Gina

    We received our order on time and safely packed! The sparklers were of very high quality and we look forward to using the leftovers for our next outdoor celebration! Libba provided wonderful service in answering all of our questions!Thumbs up!

  106. Jamie

    They are great! Thanks 😉

  107. Jennie

    Loved the 36″ ones tried one out and was able to light it very quickly. Won’t be using them until October now but hopefully all of them will be fine. Thank you for your prompt shipping.

  108. Robin

    The sparklers arrived way in advance and were a success. The whole experience was awesome.

  109. Molly

    Sparklers were amazing for our wedding!! And the shipping wa so fast! I would highly recommend these

  110. Lindsey

    I ordered these last minute (I forgot to do it earlier) and they came in right on time! They were perfect!

  111. Oticia

    Awesome company… this is my second time ordering from this website and both times the sparklers were on time and sparkled and shined perfectly…I would recommend everyone to order from this site…Thanks for the great job… keep it up…!

  112. Marissa

    These were perfect for our send off! Thank you so much!

  113. Kim

    Received them in a timely manner and looking forward to using them at my daughter’s wedding!

  114. Catherine

    Great long lasting smoke free sparklers!

  115. Christine

    Amazing customer service and shipping was so fast!!

  116. Joan

    The sparkers were a guest favorite!!

  117. Kathie

    Great! The sparklers arrived so quickly!

  118. Brittney

    Quick delivery, worked great

  119. Ginny

    The 36 inch sparklers were the perfect way to end our wedding night! Our guests lined up and we walked through a tunnel of beautiful lights before getting on a boat and sailing off into the evening. The 36 inch sparklers are so worth the money because by the time everyone’s was lit, we walked though, turned around to get more pictures, and were on the boat looking back at them, their sparkles were still going strong! I highly recommend these!!!

  120. Melissa

    2nd time ordering, super fast shipping! We use these for our cape cod family reunion. We have a fire on the beach roast smores and light up sparklers! Always a hit!

  121. Kristi

    Very fast delivery!

  122. Zain

    Amazing service, timely delivery

  123. Elizabeth

    Always great, first time trying the 20 inch and 36 inch sparklers. Both are way better than the 10 inch and worth the additional cost!

  124. Craig

    A+ quality and shipping time

  125. Kelly

    I was so amazed the sparklers arrived so fast — we forgot to order them until the last minute, so thank you!! The sparklers burned beautifully and with very little smoke — I can’t wait to see the photographs because the effect was fabulous. You all are awesome!

  126. Holly

    Sparklers were a great value and arrived quickly. Thank you.

  127. Nancy

    Arrived right on time!

  128. Pamela

    Big hit with everyone!! Thank you so much!

  129. Cassandra

    The sparklers were long lasting and allowed time for them to be lit and the bride and groom to make their exit and allow for photos to be taken. Very happy with our purchase!

  130. Lindsay

    Always fast shipping and delivery even week of wedding! Thank you, always my go to company for wedding sparklers for my clients 😉

  131. Melissa

    Prompt service!

  132. Kaitlin

    Delivery was timely, and the sparklers are awesome! I love that they are smokeless and burn slowly.

  133. Sarah Kate

    These sparklers were picture perfect for my wedding day. Due to some glitches, I ordered them last minute and Libba got them to me within 24 hours of placing the order and literally put me at ease! The sparklers worked great and were absolutely perfect

  134. Randy

    So much fun! They were long lasting and great quality. Thanks!

  135. Robin

    We did receive them on time so a 5 for that. But wont be using them until mid June for the wedding. Thank you

  136. Lori

    They worked wonderfully for my daughter’s wedding. We did a surprise sparkler send off at the end of the evening and it was beautiful.

  137. Melany

    Excellent! This was exactly what was explained on the website. Bought them for a wedding reception and they lasted over 2 minutes!!! Everyone loved them and I highly recommend them to anyone.

  138. Courtney

    Sparklers were a huge hit!!

  139. Shereen

    Sparklers worked great and were less expensive than competitors!

  140. Megan

    They sent me my sparklers within two days when I desperately needed them for my wedding. This service is unparalleled!

  141. Emily

    Sparklers shipped fast and arrived on time. Very happy with them so far and can’t wait to use them in 26 days!

  142. Laurie

    The sparklers where great and lasted a long time.

  143. Cheryl

    Excellent, That’s all I need to say

  144. Kyle

    HelloI normally don’t do reviews, but I thought what the heck I’ll do it this time. So I found this site pretty easy. I looked at what type of products they had to offer, pick one and ordered. There was only one shipping option which initially I was concerned about, because we decided last minute on the sparkler exit. I ordered anyways and our stuff came either a head of time, or right one time. Either way it was a relief to see they came so quickly. I definitely would recommend this product.

  145. Meghan

    Great product that arrived on time. The lit sparklers lasted ample time to allow the guest of honor make their grand exit with sparklers lit!

  146. Oliver

    Arrived exactly when they said they would. Great customer service, they responded to my email of questions the same day. Would definitely recommend.

  147. morgan

    Customer service was so great! Cannot wait to use the sparklers!!

  148. Christina

    I ordered these last minute for my daughters wedding not sure if they would be delivered on time but they were on my front porch the very next day! Super fast shipping!

  149. Olivia

    We haven’t used them yet. They did arrive on time! Thank you!! So excited to use them for our wedding!:)

  150. Suzanne

    Loved the sparklers! I thought they seemed too big; but I was wrong. They looked amazing and came so fast! Would 100 percent order again!

  151. Bristina

    Not only were they the best priced company, the shipping was also extremely fast, and they even sent an email checking in on the delivery. 100% recommend and will buy from again!

  152. Jill

    Loved them!

  153. Cheryl

    Very pleased!! I waited till the week of my daughters wedding to order but sparklers arrived in plenty of time. We loved them and so did the groom in whom they were a surprise for from his bride.

  154. Cassandra

    Purchased these sparklers for a wedding send off and they worked beautifully. They lit easily and continued to burn long enough for the bride and groom to exit with plenty of sparkle! They also were sturdy and held up well after burning for easy disposal!

  155. Kathryn

    Absolutely terrific ! Arrived quickly .Worked just as advertised .Just amazing.Thanks

  156. Courtney

    Very happy with my sparkler order! They came in super fast and looked amazing for our sparkler sendoff at our wedding!

  157. Cindy

    Quick response!!

  158. Kayla

    The sparklers shipped fast and are the perfect size. I cannot wait to use them in the sparkler sendoff at our reception!

  159. Jane

    Arrived on time and well packed. Wedding is not until the summer so will let you know how the sparklers performed.

  160. Aaron

    Arrived quickly and worked as described. Thanks!

  161. Susan

    They were perfect and a big hit with the young and old!!! Thanks!

  162. Tracie

    Came right on time, and the sparklers worked great for my daughters wedding

  163. Frances

    The sparklers came quickly an was more than we expected. They was a big hit at my daughter wedding. Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for the shipment! We all loved them.

  164. Toni

    Ordering was easy – the sparklers arrived quickly – they were beautiful. I am sure they will be quite the ending for my daughter’s wedding in April

  165. Kathie

    We used the sparklers for our Chinese New Year Celebration at our school after dinner and it was great!

  166. Robin

    Arrived very quickly and securely packaged. Have not had opportunity to use yet but do not anticipate any issues with the sparklers as all reviews on this product are excellent!

  167. Cathy

    Haven’t used them yet but I think these sparklers will be perfect. Got the ones that last 2 minutes. Bought a cute bucket and a sign to go with the sparklers. Awesome!

  168. Heather

    The sparklers were a huge hit!! Everyone loved them. It was the perfect ending to our perfect day!! The size was great and we’re easily lit!! Thanks for delivering such an awesome moment!!

  169. Vicki

    We received our sparklers very quickly and our wedding guests loved them! Beautiful pics!

  170. Olivia

    We realized the week of our wedding we forgot to order sparklers for our sparkler sendoff! After reading reviews we decided to go with sparklersonline.com praying that they would be delivered in time (and that we wouldn’t have to spend a fortune for rushed shipping!) The sparklers were delivered with 2 days to spare and I could not have been more grateful! In addition, they worked well and our sparkler send-off looked perfect. They stayed lit for a few minutes (apparently giving my brother time to run up and down the rows after we had already left) and everyone had an amazing experience.

  171. Tracy

    They are perfect! Love them!

  172. Sandra K.

    Here on time

  173. Lauren

    Shipped extremely quickly in good shape. Stoked to use them at my wedding!

  174. Lamae

    They worked fabulously, Thank you, Lamae Stout

  175. Eva

    These sparklers were absolutely perfect. The added length was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much!

  176. Carol

    Loved the sparklers! Made a fun and festive exit for our daughter and her husband at their wedding!!

  177. Annelds

    Perfect!!! Thank you.

  178. lindsay

    Sparklers Online saved the day! We realized we were missing half of the sparklers needed for our daughter’s wedding and after reviewing multiple websites decided to order from this company. Excellent decision! Sparklers were delivered in a couple of days without paying expedited shipping charges! Emailed Libba to verify the quick turn around needed and she responded almost immediately. The quality of their product was excellent and I highly recommend them!! Awesome customer service thats missing from most online vendors.!

  179. Lisa

    Any and every time our clients want sparklers at their wedding we order from only Sparklersonline.com and have never been disappointed! I always recommend the 36 inch for timing and photos!!

  180. Patty

    Perfection personified! I am a wedding planner and have never dealt with a company with such integrity. The sparklers were beautiful only surpassed by their customer service. Libba personally checked on order before and after the event. That is unheard of when ordering online or in person. I gave her short notice and she delivered ahead of time. When you order you can mark this task off your “worry list” as she will do what she promised. Sparklers were amazingly bright and of higher quality than most. I have put Libba in my contacts as I will never order from anyone else. She is reasonably priced and a joy to work with. Her integrity unsurpassed. I wish I could give higher than a “5” as she far exceeds the rating. I will not only use them for weddings but any event I have– New Years

  181. Raymonde

    Excellent customer service! Thank you!

  182. Leland

    Such an easy site to work with! The website was easy to order through and our sparklers came so quickly! Will remember this site for the future!

  183. Diane


  184. Sandra

    Arrived on time and worked amazingly!!

  185. Grace

    The sparklers were great! Everyone loved them, the photos were beautiful, and the shipping was super fast.

  186. Sara

    Amazing quality and shipped so quickly, the perfect product for our client’s sparkler exit!

  187. Mirel

    Amazing A very successful event! Thank you!

  188. Shari

    Our guests loved our sparkler send off!!

  189. Lance

    They were perfect. I ordered them Monday before the wedding and they arrived Thursday! Perfect! Thx so much!

  190. Cathy

    Arrived the next day! Worked great, a beautiful ending to a wonderful evening.

  191. Geri

    So pretty & fun, was a great surprise for all our wedding guests. Would definitely recommend to use for a party or night wedding.

  192. Lisa

    The sparklers arrived earlier than expected and seem to be extremely sturdy. My daughter’s wedding is this weekend and we are very excited to light them!

  193. Madalynn

    They arrived so fast, I was really impressed. Haven’t used them yet, but I’m excited to see them in action!

  194. Tracey

    I received the order promptly and everyone loved the sparklers!

  195. India

    They got here very quickly and were of high quality, worked perfectly for our wedding. Thank you!

  196. Robyn

    Sparklers were much larger than expected, but perfect! was very happy that they shipped in time for my wedding!

  197. Tina

    It was the first time I’ve heard of a sparkler send off, and it did not disappoint. When my daughter and new son in law walked under them, it was magical. Loved every moment of it.

  198. Brittney

    Site was so easy to navigate and my Sparklers arrived on time. I love the feature on the website that will tell you when your sparklers will ship and arrive. Would definitely order for our future weddings.Thank You,

  199. Melissa

    We tested a couple out. They look amazing. We cannot wait until the wedding day.

  200. Destiny

    Fast shipping! The sparklers were perfect!

  201. Jordan

    Sparklers came quickly and worked wonderfully!

  202. Shannon

    Arrived quickly and carefully packaged! I’m excited to have them at our wedding!

  203. Kathie

    We needed them quickly and they arrived right on time. We never have any issues with the sparklers! We use them for all kinds of celebrations at our school. The students love them. We used them around a bonfire this fall to finish off the night! It’s a tradition now!

  204. Rene

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