20 inch wedding sparklers

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers



To create the perfect moment, we highly recommend our 20-inch sparklers. Weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, and so many more event types can be accentuated and made even more special with our high-quality sparklers. With 20 inches and 2 minutes of burn time to work with, you have plenty of options for how to incorporate this sparkler at your special event. Check out our Ultimate Guide for Wedding Sparklers for ideas on how to use our sparklers and how to get those perfect photos!

The metal wire 20-inch wedding sparklers are perfect for smaller parties and weddings where there are not as many guests to coordinate. These sparklers for weddings last longer than the 10-inch version so you won’t have to plan to give out as many per guest, but the shorter burn time compared to the 36-inch sparklers helps you figure out how you want to use them at your event. They are a great value for a beautiful effect at any party or wedding reception.

  • Each of our 20-inch sparklers for weddings has a 2-minute burn time
  • Perfect for weddings of 100 people or less
  • Smokeless so you never have to worry about smoke interfering with your perfect photos
  • Burns the color of a candle flame
  • Silver in color when unlit so they look elegant even before you light them

PRICE $65.00 per box (48 sparklers)


Sparklers Online provides you with the best quality 20 inch wedding sparklers. Make sure to read our customers’ reviews before you purchase sparklers from us. This will help you build your trust in us.

We offer a variety of wedding sparklers for our customers. The 20-inch sparkler is one of the most widely used sizes for weddings. These sparklers have a two-minute burn time, making them perfect for a wedding exit.

10 inch sparklers can be an option if you’re on a tight budget. The 36-inch sparkler is an additional choice. These sparklers are a fantastic option if you want to make a dramatic exit because they burn for a very long time (around four minutes) and produce a lot of sparks.

Buy 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

WILL IT GET HERE IN TIME? CLICK HERE. We offer free shipping for all orders and may be able to provide same-day shipping for some orders. Email Sparklers Online to review your product options and let us know when your big event is to see if we can accommodate your delivery needs. We highly recommend contacting us as soon as possible so that we can work to accommodate your timeframe with the right product for your event.

How Many 20-Inch Wedding Sparklers Do I Need?

The 20-inch wedding sparklers burn for approximately 2 minutes (yes, we timed it with a stopwatch). For weddings of over 100 people, you might want to consider appropriating two sparklers per guest when you place your product order. The number of sparklers you order also depends on how you plan to use them at your event.

These smokeless sparklers have the brightest “sparkle” of any wedding sparkler on the market because they are double-dipped. No other sparklers on the market are made with this quality production process. You certainly won’t find that type of manufacturing process at the pop-up firework tents you see everywhere before the 4th of July!

Is the 20″ Wedding Sparkler Right for You?

Many brides ask us what size of our sparklers is the perfect one to order for their wedding day. They know they need a long sparkler, but the 36-inch sparkler simply seems too long. It can be a hard decision, choosing the right sized sparkler for your wedding, because it is difficult to imagine what the sparkler feels like and how it will work within your space.

The 36-inch sparkler is the length of a yardstick – three feet long meanwhile 20-inch wedding sparklers are less than two feet. Often the decision about sparkler size comes down to the space of wedding celebrations.

Perhaps your outside walkway is narrow or your guests do not have enough space to spread out. In that case, the longer option may not be the right one for your celebration, so that can help you make the choice for the shorter sparklers rather than the longest ones.

Wedding sparklers need to be perfect for your special day, so it is integral that you understand everything about the product you are looking at, and our experts at Sparklers Online are here to discuss them with you and assist you with this important decision.

What you most want to consider when using any sparkler is: will you have enough time? We are constantly asked “what are the most popular sizes” all the time and have a simple answer. The one that provides you with the most time and will fit in your available space. Each wedding is unique to the happy couple, so even though we can tell you what the most popular sizes are, the product choice for one event may not be right for another event.

We recommend that you analyze your space and decide how you most want to use the wedding sparklers at your event before deciding which option is right for you. Is 2 minutes enough time? Are 20-inch wedding sparklers long enough to complete the intended use? Sparklers Online is happy to discuss all of your options with you, give you our recommendations, and even help you get same-day shipping for your order.

Where to Buy Sparklers for Weddings?

Most people hear “sparklers” and automatically think of the pop-up firework shops you see during holidays like the 4th of July. When it comes to the sparklers that are available for sale at these seasonal firework shops, it is important to remember that these sparklers have been sitting in a warehouse throughout the rest of the year waiting to be shipped out across the country.

Once the holiday is over, the unsold sparklers are shipped back to the warehouse where they will sit again waiting for the next 4th of July celebration. Most of the time, you will be looking at products that are at least 2 to 3 years old.

The recommended shelf life for sparklers is about 5 to 7 years, but factors such as humidity and other conditions can reduce that time to about 3 to 5 years in storage. These are not the sparklers you want to have for your special event. With free and same-day shipping on our high-quality sparklers, trust Sparklers Online to deliver you the best products for your wedding.

Fortunately, when you buy from Sparklers Online, we don’t use recycled and reshipped sparklers that have been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse for years. We only have the highest quality products, and we review each shipment to make sure they are up to our standards.

That’s why our price does not match the price of those pop-up firework shops. Our quality is far better, and you can trust that our sparklers will perform as expected for you on your big day. When you have that big send-off planned, you certainly don’t want to worry that some of the guests’ sparklers won’t light due to age or defects. Feel free to email us for more information to review our sparklers and to ask about our free shipping.

20-Inch Wedding Sparkler Send Off Tips:

The sparkler send-off has become a very popular and common moment of many wedding celebrations. The last thing you want is for the bride and groom to be stressed out because they have to get all the sparklers lit, the guests lined up, and have time for the send-off. Our 20-inch wedding sparklers may be a great option for you depending on the size of the space, the number of guests, and the length of the send-off tunnel you want to create.

Imagine if you have 200 guests and only have two minutes to orchestrate the sparkler wedding exit. It is going to be a super tight timeline. With weddings of around 100 people, you can certainly have a perfect send-off with the 20-inch wedding sparklers. Everyone will be able to get their sparklers lit, be in the proper spot for their part of the exit tunnel, and be ready to help you celebrate your emergence into your newlywed life.

If you are worried about time or do not want to be stressed out at all, order the 36-inch sparkler. Their length and duration will ease your mind on your special day. Just remember that they are 3 feet long rather than the much shorter length of the 20″ version, so it is important that you are sure the wedding venue can handle that length and has no issues with it.

Contact Our Wedding Sparklers Experts:

Whether you are considering the 20-inch wedding sparklers for the send-off tunnel or any other use you can think of for the 20-inch wedding sparklers option, Sparklers Online is your one-stop-shop. We have the most reasonable price on the highest quality product (feel free to review the competition), and our experts are happy to talk to or email you to discuss your options.

We pride ourselves on providing the best sparklers out there for your special occasion. For the last 16 years, we have been specializing in wedding day sparklers, and we love to help you make your big day even more memorable.

Our sparklers have been featured in top wedding magazines like The KnotMartha Stewart WeddingsTown & CountryO, and Style Me Pretty. When you review the quality and the price of our products, you can rest easy knowing you will not be disappointed by the performance of our sparklers at your wedding. Contact us today to learn more about our 20-inch wedding sparklers and any of our wedding day sparklers!

We also have plenty of photographs and reviews from other customers on their wedding days, and we are happy to share them with you so that you can see exactly what you are getting. We hope that these photos and experiences will inspire you to use our sparklers in new and creative ways to make your special day as amazing as possible. If our founder is willing to incorporate our sparklers into her wedding, you know they are worth it. Check out all of our products and our gallery to feel the love, magic, and inspiration created by sparklers!

Please call (615) 973-6100 with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also email libba@sparklersonline.com or text us at (615) 973-6100. We offer the friendly, professional, and dependable customer service you deserve.

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