20 inch Wedding Sparklers

20 inch Wedding Sparklers

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Create the perfect moment with the 20-inch sparkler! 

The metal wire 20 inch wedding sparklers are perfect for smaller parties and weddings where there are not as many guests to coordinate. They are a great value for a beautiful effect at any party or wedding reception.

  • Each sparkler lasts 2 minutes
  • Perfect for weddings of 100 people or less
  • Smokeless
  • Burns the color of a candle flame
  • Silver in color when unlit

PRICE $34.00 per box (48 sparklers)




How many 20 inch wedding sparklers do I need?

The 20 in wedding sparklers burns for approximately two minutes (yes, we timed it with a stopwatch). For weddings of over 100 people, you might want to consider the amount of two sparklers per guest.

These smokeless sparklers have the brightest “sparkle” of any wedding sparkler on the market because they are “double dipped”. No other sparklers on the market are made with this quality product process.

Is the 20″ wedding sparkler right for you?

Many brides ask us what size of sparkler is the perfect size they should order for their wedding day. They know they need a long sparkler but the 36 inch sparkler simply seems too long. It can be a hard decision, choosing the right sized sparkler for your wedding, because it is hard to imagine what the sparkler feels like and how it will work within your space.

The 36 inch sparkler is the length of a yardstick – three feet long. Often the decision about sparkler size comes down to space of wedding celebrations. Perhaps your outside walkway is narrow or your guests do not have enough space to spread out.

What you most want to consider when using any sparkler is: will you have enough time? We are constantly asked “what are the most popular sizes” all the time and have a simple answer. The one that provides you with the most time in the that will fit in your available space.

20 inch Sparkler Send Off Tips

The sparkler send-off has become a moment of the wedding. The last thing you want is for the bride and groom to be stressed out because they have to get all the sparklers lit, the guests lined up and have time for the send-off.

Imagine if you have 200 guests and only have two minutes to orchestrate the sparkler wedding exit. It is going to be a super tight timeline. But with weddings of around 100 people, you can certainly have a perfect send-off with the 20 inch sparkler. And if you are worried about time, do not want to be stressed out at all, order the 36 inch sparkler. Their length and duration will ease your mind on your special day.


Please call (800) 306-8070 with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also email or text us at (615) 973-6100. We offer friendly, professional and dependable customer service you deserve.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in

4 reviews for 20 inch Wedding Sparklers

  1. Meghan

    The sparklers were absolutely perfect! We even made one of the pictures we got with them our thank you card!

  2. Jessie

    We were very pleased with the service we received and the quality of sparklers provided. Quick shipping and hassle free ordering made this one easy item to check off the wedding to-do list! 🙂 I will definitely recommend Sparklers Online to anyone looking for sparklers for their big day!

  3. Alex

    The sparklers were a huge hit! Thank you for your help!

  4. Kate

    We LOVED our sparklers. They were perfect and just what we were looking for. Our sparkler exit resulted in my absolute favorite wedding photo!

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