Spring isn't the only thing in the air this time of year. Brace yourselves; wedding planning season is here and this season, it's all about going out with a bang and some bling, literally. Therefore, if you want to keep up with Joneses -- or the Kardashian-Wests -- you should buy sparklers for your big day.

Regardless of whether you're having a traditional wedding ceremony or an informal backyard shindig, you can buy sparklers to add a little pizzazz, fun, and lightheartedness to your big day for a truly unforgettable experience. Still unsure? Here are three reasons why you should consider buying wedding sparklers.

They're really, really pretty
Everyone loves the beauty and excitement of fireworks. Now you can incorporate this very same sentiment into your ceremony on a much smaller scale buy using handheld sparklers.
Simply put, they're absolutely beautiful. The beauty of wedding sparklers, as well as the priceless reactions they invoke, serve as the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photographs. In addition, sparklers go well with any wedding theme, at any venue, for any couple.

They're unforgettable
There are certain moments in one's life that are simply unforgettable, and a moment that includes sparklers is difficult -- if not downright impossible -- to forget. The image of your family and closet friends shining their sparklers in unison in honor of your union will create a sentimental, absolutely unforgettable, heart-warming experience. Perhaps part of the reason sparklers are so unforgettable is due to their uniqueness.

They're engaging
Wedding sparklers are an excellent way for all of your guests to become active participants in your wedding festivities. They're the perfect way to encourage communication between your guests as well as creating a fun atmosphere. Your guests, especially those who were not in the bridal party, will be able to join in on the fun while helping to create a memorable experience using wedding sparklers.