Romantic ideas for a Valentine's Day wedding

Romantic Ideas for a Valentines Day wedding

Many couples planning February weddings tend to shy away from a Valentine’s Day Wedding theme. However, if done correctly, incorporating touches of the most romantic holiday of the year can add an extra touch of romance and magic to a wedding. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding.

Add Some Valentine’s Day Love to Your Programs

Traditional wedding programs can be plain boring. We love the idea of incorporating the holiday of love into your wedding ceremony programs. Two beautiful ideas include these playful, heart-shaped programs (that double as fans!) and these delicate ombre invitations that subtly incorporate red and pink into the mix.

Valentine's Day wedding

Embrace all Things Red and Pink When it Comes to Drinks

Opting for a Valentine’s Day themed wedding means incorporating as much red and pink as possible into your ceremony and reception Aside from the more obvious items like flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and table settings, we love the idea of adding unexpected pops of red and pink into your big day — especially with fun drinks! Some unique drink ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding include these pink cosmos with a strawberry garnish, these romantic Blushing Beauties, or this pomegranate-infused True Love’s Kiss.

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Incorporate the Holiday into Your Bridal Accessories

Holiday into Your Bridal Accessories

Another cute way to add a touch of Valentine’s Day to your wedding is by opting for bridal accessories that give a nod to the holiday. One easy way to do this is with a pop of red on your feet (we adore these “love” shoes and these heart heels). Some other romantic accessory and attire ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding include adorning your head with a beautiful flower crown woven from red and pink florals, creating heart-shaped boutonnieres for your groom (and groomsmen!), and outfitting your bridal party in red dresses (and red ties for groomsmen).

Don’t forget about Decor

Planning a Valentine’s Day wedding gives you a fun opportunity to add extra romantic touches to your decor. This is your chance to take it over the top with the ooey-gooey love stuff. Some of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding include these whimsical pink and red garlands, this elegant heart-shaped wreath, and these classic Valentine’s Day place settings.

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Definitely incorporate your Valentine’s Day theme into your send-off

Yet again, Valentine’s Day gives you the chance to go over the top with your planning when it comes to your wedding send-off. If you are planning to use wedding sparklers in your exit, you can’t go wrong by creating a magical sparklers display that doubles as decor. Some ideas we love include this dreamy tray of wedding sparklers and these “Let love sparkle” tags. Using sparklers to draw hearts or write “love” in the night sky are also great ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding. And finally, don’t forget about your getaway car! We absolutely love the idea of this red vintage car paired with this DIY trail of hearts.


incorporating a Valentine’s Day theme into a February wedding can add an extra touch of romance and magic. From heart-shaped programs to red and pink drinks, bridal accessories, and decor, there are numerous ways to infuse the holiday of love into your wedding day. Whether it’s through red roses, heart-shaped boutonnieres, or a sparkler send-off, these unique ideas can create a romantic vibe and make your Valentine’s Day wedding truly memorable for you and your loved ones.


How can I infuse the Valentine’s Day wedding theme into my wedding decor?

To create a romantic atmosphere, you can utilize soft lighting and incorporate gold accents throughout the venue. Incorporate heart-shaped elements and utilize red flowers, such as roses, in centerpieces and bridal bouquets. Playful touches like conversation hearts or cupid’s arrow signage can add a delightful twist.

What are some innovative ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day during my wedding?

Consider setting up a dessert table with delectable sweet treats like chocolates, cakes, and macarons in shades of red and pink. Create a photo booth with props like heart-shaped signs and love notes to capture memorable moments. Encourage wedding guests to share their love stories or write well-wishes for the newlyweds. Additionally, having a dance floor with romantic music will enhance the celebratory ambiance.

How can I personalize my wedding invitations for a Valentine’s Day wedding?

Personalize your wedding invitations by selecting stationery that reflects the Valentine’s Day theme. Choose a color palette of red, blush, and gold and incorporate symbols such as hearts or cupid’s arrows into the design. You can also include a love quote or a heartfelt note expressing your excitement to celebrate love with your guests on this special day.

What are some trendy designs for a Valentine’s Day wedding cake?

A popular choice is a tiered cake adorned with fresh flowers in shades of red and white, such as roses or carnations. Alternatively, you can opt for a cake featuring delicate sugar-paste hearts or a romantic topper, such as intertwined initials with a cupid’s arrow, to enhance the theme.

How can I create a memorable ambiance for my Valentine’s Day wedding venue?

Transform your venue into a captivating space by incorporating lush floral arrangements with red roses, peonies, or other flowers that symbolize love. Utilize candles and soft lighting to set a romantic mood. Enhance the atmosphere with hanging wreaths or create a stunning backdrop adorned with cascading blooms. Additionally, consider incorporating romantic signage or neon signs with words that convey love and affection for a unique touch.

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