How to Use Sparklers – Perfect Wedding Video Tips

wedding video tips

Happy couples everywhere send us photographs from their wedding to show us how to Use Sparklers and our product, Sparklers, to create an even more fun and exciting wedding day for the bride, groom, and guests. Often we get funny, creative photos that come alive because of the many ways couples figure out to use wedding Sparklers. But what about your wedding video? If you are fortunate enough to be able to hire a professional videographer, then you may get a high-quality wedding video. But even good videographers often don’t know how to get those exceptional shots of people using our Sparklers.

Surround the Couple in Bright Light

Our wedding sparklers are the brightest on the market. They also burn for a full four minutes which is longer than most brands. These two facts make it possible to get some gorgeous still shots and video shots. One idea that works well is placing guests on both sides of an aisle who are holding newly lit sparklers. Any photographer worth his weight would be able to get some amazing photos. But the fact that sparklers will burn for four minutes makes it easy to get an incredible video of the happy couple strolling down the aisle with guests on both sides waving bright white sparklers.

Tips on Sparkler Writing

Another good idea for wedding video shots using sparklers involves placing a dozen guests behind the happy couple who wave the sparklers in a circular motion.  A videographer can move from left to right, slowly recording happy smiles against a sparkling white background. Of course, many of our customers have fine-tuned the art of Sparkler writing and we get photos all the time of guests spelling out the words “L-O-V-E” OR “J-O-Y”.  Sparkler writing can take a bit of finesse to master but a good wedding videographer will be able to get some great shots of guests drawing circles in the air or making zig-zag patterns.

Find a Clever Backdrop

Finding a unique backdrop for videos and photos is just part of the process of being able to get wonderful wedding videos that the whole family will love. Look for areas where there’s an unusual architectural feature like an old brick wall or ornate archway. Placing a few guests in the background with lit sparklers will bring the shot to life. Shots in front of a pond or water fountain are always a favorite. If placed correctly, the sparklers will look as if they are lighting up the water giving your video and still shots a dramatic appeal.

At we specialize in making your wedding every bit as special as you dream.  And wedding sparklers can make it unique, beautiful, and memorable. We hope the above tips are helpful for your wedding video but they would also work well for an anniversary party, birthday party, or any festive event.