8 Grave Wedding Sparkler Mishaps To Avoid At All Cost

Every couple dreams of their big day, traditionally most focus on a grand entrance into the reception hall. However, it’s important not to forget the exit.

Wedding sparklers are a great way to make sure you get photos that truly capture how special your big day is.

Just imagine it, all of your friends and family standing in line waving lit sparklers. They’re all excited and celebrating as you make your way to the car as husband and wife.

This magical moment has become a very popular trend among summer outdoor weddings. But there are some mistakes that you want to avoid making.

1. Check that the Venue will Allow Wedding Sparklers

A simple mistake that people make when they are planning a sparkler send-off is checking that the venue actually allows it. Some don’t allow it due to insurance policies.

The next thing you want to ask the venue about is whether they allow both the 20-inch ones or the 36-inch ones. If they only allow smaller ones you don’t want to show up with big sparklers.

Having the right wedding sparklers is half the battle.

2. Have an Announcement Sign

You want to make sure you have a sign that announces your sparkling send off. Be sure to include the time that its happening so your guests are fully aware. The best pictures have lots of people sending you off.

In a lot of cases guests will slowly dwindle as the night goes on, but if they know that you are having wedding sparklers you will have more people stick around to join the fun.

These are easy enough to make yourself, or you can purchase them online.

3. An Easy Way to Light Them

A lot of people make the mistake of having personalized matchbooks made to hand out with the wedding sparklers. While they make great keepsakes for your guests, they don’t make good tools for lighting the sparklers.

You want to make sure that the sparklers are easy for your guests to get lit relatively the same time. The best way to do this is to have barbeque or butane lighters. Use one at each end of the lines and then have people use the lit wedding sparklers to help get the rest lit.

Doing it like this can get all of your sparklers sparkling in a short time frame.

4. A Way to Dispose of the Sparklers

After your send-off, the guests have to put the sparklers somewhere. They burn really hot, so just sitting them down somewhere can be a fire hazard.

You’ll want to set up a few buckets filled about halfway with sand to contain the heat without causing any damage. While you can also use buckets of water for the wedding sparklers, we suggest the sand because the buckets are less likely to tip over.

You should also delegate someone in your wedding party to make sure your guests are putting the sparklers where they should be. This should also be the person who cleans it up after, tell them not to worry though, the buckets make clean up a breeze.

5. Not Enough Room

When deciding to have wedding sparklers, you need to find the right place at the venue to do it. There needs to be enough room for two lines and the couple to walk between them.

You want to be careful that you’re not smooshed too close, the sparklers can be dangerous. You want to be able to stop along the way for the pictures and not get hit with a spark.

Another thing to think about it how far from the car your sparkler send-off is. If possible it should be close, so you can leave easily from there.

6. Overbuying

Wedding sparklers can be easily bought in bulk, but buying too many is a problem a lot of couples have.

Between 100-125 guests attend an average wedding but you won’t need one for every guest. Even with a sign telling them that you’re having wedding sparklers, some guests will leave. On top of that, some people won’t participate because some will be taking pictures and others might even be afraid.

That’s why its best to buy enough for about 75 percent of the guests. Don’t worry though, a lot of companies will let you send back your unused wedding sparklers.

7. Wrong Timing

When getting the perfect picture timing is everything. It’s one of the most common mistakes people make. Not all sparklers light well, and some stay lit longer than others. We always say it’s best to try out a few and see how long they take to lite and how long they stay lit.

High-quality wedding sparklers will stay lit for longer, the short ones that are used for things like Fourth of July burn quicker and are less safe for this sort of thing.

You want to have some sort of countdown to let your guests know when to start lighting, it will also let your photographer know when to be ready for your grand exit.

8. Limiting Yourself

Wedding sparklers aren’t only good for a sparkler send-off, the can add flare to other parts of your wedding as well. They can add to other special moments, like your first kiss and husband and wife. Just pass them out as the guests take their seat and have someone explain when and how to light them.

You can have your bridesmaid write out special words, like love or forever while you’re photographer shoots it. this could be during the kiss, or while you guys are taking photos after.

Final Tips

We have a few extra tips to make sure your wedding sparklers turn out to be everything you want them to. You should try to limit any extra light, it can mess up the exposure. Let your photographer know what your planning, he or she might want to practice before your big day.

If you’ve decided to give yourself a sparkler send-off take a look at all of the different options we have.