planning a kid friendly wedding

Planning a Kid-Friendly Wedding | How to Plan Perfect Event

Planning a kid-friendly wedding

Although some couples opt for adult-only weddings, we think that some of the most fun weddings include children! Whether you want to ensure your nieces or nephews are there for your special day, or just want to include all of the children that are an important part of your life, here are a few of our favorite pointers for planning a kid-friendly wedding that both the children and the parents will enjoy.

Give them responsibility

One way to ensure the children in your life enjoy your big day is to give them a role in your wedding ceremony or reception. According to Bridal Guide, this not only provides an adorable touch but also encourages them to be on their best behavior as it gives them a sense of importance and responsibility. Even if you aren’t having traditional ring bearers or flower girls, there are tons of fun ways you can include your nieces, nephews, and friend’s children in your nuptials. Some fun (and super cute) ideas include letting them be ushers, allowing them to have a kids-only dance to entertain the adults, or allowing them to help with wedding decor preparation.

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Hire a babysitter

Another important pointer is to hire a childcare professional to help out during the reception. This will keep the kids entertained and will also allow parents to fully enjoy the event without worrying about keeping a close eye on their kids. Feel like splurging? You may also want to consider hiring an entertainer to keep the kids from getting bored. This could include a magician, storyteller, or caricature artist. Who knows, the adults might just end up being entertained too!

Set up a fun kids-only table

Set up a fun kids-only table

Instead of expecting kids to sit with the grownups during the reception, you may want to set up an exciting kids-only table for your younger guests. This will keep them from getting bored and will ensure they have a great time at your wedding. Some of our favorite ideas include setting the table with interactive wedding placemats that include games and coloring options, incorporating a centerpiece that they can play with (like a bowl of legos!), and putting down butcher paper in lieu of a fancy tablecloth so that the kids can color and draw to their heart’s content.

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Have kid-friendly food options

Depending on your budget, you may want to ask your caterers or venue if they have a kid’s menu option that you can incorporate into your reception since kids are known for being picky eaters. Not in the budget? Not a problem! We love the idea of setting up a playful “open bar” of kid’s snack options, to make sure there is something for even the pickiest eater to enjoy. This is a fun and affordable option and will keep kids from getting grumpy if they cannot find something that they want to eat.

Have kid-friendly food options

Let the kids light up your wedding exit

Another pointer for a kid-friendly wedding is to plan a fun wedding send-off that children can participate in. This could include giving them bubbles to blow, glow sticks to wave, or, even better, wedding sparklers to light!


A kid-friendly wedding requires thoughtful consideration of various factors to ensure a joyful and entertaining experience for young guests. From selecting a suitable wedding venue that offers ample space for lawn games and outdoor activities to create a designated kids’ table filled with board games and giant lawn games, there are numerous ways to keep children occupied throughout the day. Additional entertainment options such as face painters, balloon artists, and disposable cameras can add an extra touch of fun. It is essential to communicate with parents in advance, include kid-approved food options like chicken fingers and French fries, and provide a private room or nanny service for older kids who may need a break from the festivities. By incorporating these kid-friendly wedding ideas, the happy couple can relax and enjoy their special day while ensuring that guests of all ages have a memorable time celebrating their love.


Q: What are some kid-friendly activities that can be incorporated into a wedding?

Answer: Some fun kid-friendly activities include coloring books, games, a photo booth with props, and a dance floor with kid-friendly music.

Q: Should I hire a babysitter or provide childcare during the wedding?

Answer: It’s a good idea to provide childcare during the wedding, especially if you expect a lot of children to attend. You can hire a babysitter or set up a separate area with activities and games for kids.

Q: How can I keep kids entertained during the ceremony?

Answer: Providing coloring books or activity sheets and small toys like bubbles or fidget spinners can help keep kids entertained during the ceremony.

How can I make my wedding reception more kid-friendly without compromising the overall experience for adults?

When planning a wedding reception that caters to both children and adults, it’s important to find a balance that ensures everyone has a good time. Consider incorporating outdoor games, such as ring toss or tic-tac-toe, to keep the little ones entertained during cocktail hour. Setting up a designated kid’s table with age-appropriate crafts and activities, like coloring kits or face painting, can also help keep them occupied throughout the event. By offering entertainment options that engage the kids without distracting the adults, you can create a wedding reception that caters to guests of all ages.

How can I politely communicate that my wedding is an adult-only affair and avoid any potential misunderstandings?

If you’ve decided to host an adults-only wedding, clear and considerate communication is key. Start by addressing the issue on your wedding invitations or save-the-date cards, explicitly stating that the event is reserved for adult guests only. You can also reach out to close family and friends personally to discuss your decision and politely request their understanding and cooperation. It’s important to be firm but tactful in your communication to avoid any hurt feelings or misunderstandings. By addressing the matter proactively and with courtesy, you can minimize any potential confusion surrounding your adults-only wedding.

How can I keep the kids entertained during the wedding ceremony and reception without burdening their parents?

To ensure the little ones have a fun and enjoyable time at your wedding without burdening their parents, consider providing supervised activities or hiring professionals like balloon artists or entertainers specializing in children’s entertainment. Creating a separate space or room where the kids can engage in age-appropriate activities, such as arts and crafts or playing games, can also be a wise choice. By offering these alternatives, parents can relax and enjoy the wedding while knowing their children are in a safe and supervised environment. Remember to communicate these arrangements in advance, so parents are aware of the available options for keeping their kids occupied during the event.

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