Wedding Sparklers – Not Just for Weddings Anymore!

buy sparklers Wedding sparklers are making their way on to every bride’s must-have list. Since they first came on to the wedding celebration scene, their popularity as a way to add a little extra magic to a bride’s special day has skyrocketed.

While we love incorporating sparklers into a wedding, they’re also great for really any occasion, especially birthdays. If you want to buy sparklers for a special birthday, here are three ways to use them that you probably haven’t thought of!

  1. As a Cake Topper
    The tradition of lighting candles on a cake traces back many, many years. However, candles can be messy, tricky to light, and downright dangerous. Instead of boring old wax candles, consider using sparklers as a cake topper. You can ignite just one for a special surprise or multiple ones to create dazzling fountains of light.The standard size sparkler is about 10 inches — perfect for a smaller cake. If you have larger, multi-tiered cakes, buy sparklers in longer lengths to fit your needs. Imagine the delight on someone’s face when you bring out their birthday cake covered in glittering sparks. It will surely be a day they won’t soon forget.
  2. As a Part of the Celebration
    Some birthday parties like to incorporate games, or set aside a time when all the guests can just dance and let loose. If you’re struggling with ideas on how to entertain your guests aside from the cake and ice cream, buy sparklers to make them a part of the celebration!When the sun goes down, give every guest a sparkler so he or she can dance around and play with them. Sparklers last anywhere from 45 seconds to four minutes, depending on the size you choose. Extra long sparklers not only have a longer burn time, but are a safer way to wave or write messages in the air with sparklers. Their long handles keep the ignited end far away from a person’s hands, making them perfect for older kid’s or teen parties. As a note of caution, we do recommend that sparklers are handled by kids over the age of 14. Anyone younger should be supervised.
  3. As a Party Favor for Your Guests
    Giving guests party favors as a way to say thanks is a standard practice, especially at kid’s parties. Favors aren’t just for children’s celebrations, though. If you’re having an adult party, bachelorette party, or any type of gathering where guests bring the hosts gifts, it’s a good idea to give them a little something to take home.Instead of cheap toys or candy, give a bundle of sparklers to your party-goers! They can light them right there (smokeless sparklers are safe to use indoors) or take them home for use at their own special occasion. Sparklers are an unexpected gift that your guests will surely appreciate.

Sparklers are a great way to add a little twinkle to any special occasion. Birthdays are a celebration of another year of growth for someone you love. Show your excitement with the magic and wonder of sparklers.