Wedding Sparklers: How to Light a Sparkler, Handle It and Dispose of It

Tired of grand fireworks but you still want an epic show for your wedding?

Thanks to Pinterest and other social media platforms, the use of sparklers in a wedding send-off is becoming more popular than ever.

Well, why not?

It makes for some nice photo opportunities, they’re pretty, and they’re easy to clean up as well as opposed to tossing rice or bird seeds. It comes with the additional benefit of being eco-friendly too.

However, using it comes with various risks, such as accidentally setting something (or someone) on fire. Learning government safety rules and how to use a sparkler the right way eliminates the risks, though.

Keep reading to learn how to light a sparkler, handle it, and then dispose of it.

How to Light a Sparkler

Before you bring sparklers to your wedding, confirm with the venue first if it allows a wedding sparkler send-off. Some don’t allow it for insurance and safety hazards, while most would have no problems with it if you use it the proper way.

With that said, here are tips on how to light sparklers.

Choose a Location

The best location for your send-off would be the outdoors as there are fewer flammable materials than indoors. Choose a spot away from objects and the wind to make lighting the sparklers safe and easy.

We recommend having the send-off close to your getaway car; you can walk through the line of sparklers and then head straight for the car.

Hold It Properly

Make sure to instruct your guests on how to hold the sparkler properly!

Hold it at the very bottom and light it at the very top. Position it horizontally, pointing toward the front of you (not to the person beside you!), or lower the tip slightly when lighting it.

Use a Lighter

People often underestimate the amount of flame that sparklers need to ignite.

Matches work, but they’re not the best way to light sparklers as they don’t burn long enough. They also keep the hand holding it close to the sparkler, which can be dangerous.

It becomes hot enough to melt metals; you sure wouldn’t want its flames near your hand.

Lighters can provide enough heat for the sparkler to ignite. There are long lighters that will keep your hand far away, too.

Use the Sparkler as a Lighter

Want an easy method of igniting all the sparklers? Light one sparkler with a long lighter and have the person holding it use it to light the others. Sparklers are much easier to light when you use another sparkler.

It helps to form the lineup first; the designated lighter will be able to quickly get to everyone. Have two designated lighters for the two lines.

How to Handle the Sparkler

The sparks are pretty, yes, but don’t forget the tips below as you

Keep It Facing Toward the Front

The sparkler should be as far away from you and other people or objects as possible. It burns at 2,000 degrees F, which can seriously injure people and burn flammable materials.

Keep it at arm’s length, away from your face and clothes.

Don’t Play with the Sparkler Too Much

You can safely wave the sparklers in front of you as long as you keep it away from you and other people. However, we recommend you don’t play with it too much.

Don’t run around with it and don’t wave it around if there’s not enough room. Don’t play with a person holding one, too.

Enjoy the Show

Using sparklers safely isn’t all that hard; don’t forget to enjoy the show while it’s still on!

How to Dispose of the Sparkler

You still need to practice safety measures once the sparkler has died down. Even if the flames are gone, it still poses a risk. Keep the following in mind to keep your wedding injury-free.

Don’t Touch It

Sparklers remain hot for a while after it has stopped burning. At the temperature it has burned, it will still be pretty hot even after the flames are gone.

Don’t grab the burned part, and don’t let it touch other objects as well. Some materials, like paper, can catch fire even without exposure to external flame.

Keep holding it at the bottom, and let it cool down before disposing of it in the trash.

Prepare a Bucket

To help guests cool down the sparklers as well as to encourage proper disposal, prepare a bucket or a metal tray of full of water or sand. These will help the sparklers cool down before disposal.

Prepare as many as would be comfortable for the number of guests, and keep them close to the send-off lineup. Create a sign as well so people would know where to go.

Put It in the Trash

Once cooled down, the sparkler is safe for disposal. You can leave the reception without worry, and your guests can end the night on a high note.

More Tips on How to Use Sparklers

To make the send-off more hassle-free and safer, buy a small quantity of the type of sparkler you’re going to use before the wedding. Test it outside while keeping in mind our tips above, and note how it burns.

Are they easy to light? Are they quick to burn?

If they stay lit for shorter than you would expect, time your grand exit accordingly or find a new one that would burn longer.

In case something goes awry, make sure you and at least some of your guests know where the fire extinguishers are. The wedding venue should have at least one, but in case you’re in a venue without it, prepare one or two and place it near the send-off.

Learn More About Sparklers

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable – but not in the “the sparklers burned the venue down” way.

That’s why it’s important to know about the associated risks and learn how to light a sparkler. By knowing these things, you’ll be ready for a proper and beautiful wedding send-off.

Learn more about how to plan a wedding send-off with sparklers and visit our blog now for more information about sparklers.

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