Tags…who could have guessed this would be something I search for, blog about, and describe to customers.  They are simple, inexpensive (sometimes), and often can turn your wedding sparklers into something spectacular.  Now let me say first what I ALWAYS say.  Spend the money on wedding sparklers and if you have any left-over, get the tags.  Everyone will remember if you have scrawny wedding sparklers that do not sparkle very bright or ones that are smokey…yuck!  Rest assured, ours burn brightly, are low-smoke, and last the longest.


Here are a few of my favorite tags for wedding sparklers as of late.


Etsy – With the Flo


As for my favorite taglines:


The perfect match or Find your perfect match
Light the way for Kate and Tom
Sparkler send-off at 10:00 pm
Let love shine
The big send-off
…And they lived happily ever after
Sparklers…please take one, after the dancing is done